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  • "I have been so inspired by what I have learnt today, different, relevant and so exciting. The opportunity to practise my coaching skills has really helped to consolidate my thoughts, I know what I need to to next. The most exciting opportunity within clear boundaries to talk about teaching and learning and share some innovation from colleagues."
    Comments from a coaching INSET this January
  • "Great resource bank for post-course support. Interactive and responded to individual needs."
    Managing Pupil Premium
  • "I now have so many ideas about how to move transition forward – thank you! Excellent resources, relevant information with practical ideas. So many things I want to do now. A really good course."
    Crossing The Bridge
  • "I really enjoyed the informality of this course; it allowed for self-reflection and the ability to be open and honest. I will be implementing the practical tip of a cover lesson pro forma and feedback sheet, so cover lesson quality can be monitored."
    Coaching Skills for Cover Supervisors
  • "Made me realise where I am confusing mentoring and coaching. Being put in the role of a coachee and knowing how others would feel were really valuable part of the training."
    Coaching for TAs and Support Staff
  • "Nice to speak with other professionals and be given resources such as coaching questions, lesson observation pro formas and the GROW model that I can adapt for INSET."
    Art of Lesson Observation
  • "It’s not just about electing a class rep….completing a needs analysis and scrutinising some models have given me a succinct plan of how the learner voice can be embedded in my college to support learner development."
    Developing the Learner Voice in a Post 16 setting
  • "Great, informative and fun! The resources and ideas were practical to take back to school and being coached through an action plan gave me an opportunity to reflect." 
    Mindset Matters
  • "How to approach mastery and planning a lesson that allows children to explore, share and master were the most valuable parts of the training for me."
    Mastering Numeracy Specifics
  • "An outstanding training opportunity, I have been teaching for seventeen years and this is without doubt the best training I have ever attended".
    Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning
  • "Key note speakers were inspiring and informative. I’m feeling challenged and supported with various strategies and ideas."
    The Power of coaching – Annual Conference 2016