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Embedding Literacy and Numeracy in subject specific contexts across the secondary curriculum- Policy into Practice

This event gives subject specialists the opportunity to review the skills that learners use to develop their understanding of the subjects they are studying. We consider how managers, teachers and support staff can guide learners to use relevant skills in order to strengthen their knowledge, learn from others, read and understand and write for a purpose as well as being able to solve subject specific problems, analyse situations and make informed decisions in order to make progress and achieve their full potential.

All too often we do not provide opportunities for learners to make connections and see how learning the concepts in the core subjects of English and Mathematics are applied in the context of learning in all other subjects. This event focuses on identifying the pedagogical principles that allow learners to identify the skills they need to take a concept they have learnt in Maths or English and put it into the context of learning across subject specific learning.

This event will focus on:-

  • A policy update linked to the content of the curriculum, progress 8 and the latest information on how to assess the skills in the context of subject specific learning
  • An in-depth review of the content of the secondary curriculum in relation to specific subjects and how to build a scheme of work that identifies the literacy and numeracy skills that learners need to access the knowledge and understanding within the subject specific content
  • The numeracy and literacy specifics that underpin learning in all subjects using a resource that will allow for the sharing of ideas and discussion about what currently works well and what can be improved
  • What constitutes deeper learning and the pedagogical principles applied in the classroom that create resilient and confident learners who have the ability to make connections and use their literacy and numeracy skills unconsciously in a variety of contexts across the secondary subject spectrum
  • Formative assessment principles and how to assess the literacy and numeracy skills which are integral to subject learning without turning the lesson into an English or a Maths lesson
  • Giving time to reflect on and plan how to develop a whole department or faculty wide strategy that will ensure a consistent and sustainable model where all teachers promote high levels of literacy and numeracy skills consistently in all subject learning

We provide well-researched and highly recommended materials that are designed to support further training and development opportunities so that delegates who attend can cascade their learning to others in their team and put their learning from the day into practice in the classroom.

OFSTED want to see:-

“Teachers embed reading, writing and communication and, where appropriate, mathematics exceptionally well across the curriculum equipping all pupils with the necessary skills to make progress”. from the latest OFSTED Handbook

ESTYN say:-

“All teachers in Wales are expected to integrate literacy and numeracy into their teaching – whatever the subject matter”

Who is it for?

Subject leaders or members of their teams with responsibility for ensuring high quality learning opportunities identify where literacy and numeracy are at the heart of teaching their subject. Literacy or numeracy co-ordinators who would like to have an opportunity to work closely with Heads of Department and other subject specialists to support a consistent and whole school approach to ensuring literacy and numeracy are integral to all learning.

All our events are centrally located. Registration and refreshments are available from 9.30am for a 10.00am start. We will finish around 3.30 to 4.00pm. We always provide lunch.


First Delegate:

£275 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£225 +VAT

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