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Growth Mindset in the Post 16 Classroom - changing attitudes to learning, effort and challenge

a level studyThere is no easy way to develop the attitudes and work ethic of students necessary to achieve well in a post 16 setting whether for A Level or other qualifications. Most A level candidates will have arrived with a pocket full of good GCSE grades as a result of lot of teacher intervention, revision and repetitive attention to the facts. Others will not have been so successful and have a very different feeling about their ability to cope with further study.  It is very difficult to change these attitudes of mind and paradigm approaches to effort, challenge and self-belief.

The result can mean that some good students give up to easily and others do not achieve the results that they are capable of. This training course is designed to provide teachers with some tools and techniques to use with theirpost 16 groups to develop independent learning skills, focus on achieving the goals they have set themselves, have systems in place that will allow them to be organised and ready for further study and develop tactics to support them in producing work that is original, deep and incisive. This event takes some of the theories of Growth Mindset the positive coaching approaches that influence change. It is different and very interesting and will provide those who attend with a lot of food for thought and a lot of practical tools to use with students following on from the training.

The day will include:-

  • An opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the theories of Growth Mindset and coaching and the impact both can have on student motivation and the development of a range of higher learning skills
  • How to encourage students to focus on what it is they want to achieve and how they can manage their own and others' expectations
  • Focus on the role of effort over success in building the resilience students need to achieve their goals. Students need to learn the difference between effort and achievement and learn to value the effort they put into their work
  • Time to focus on some of the coaching skills that will support students to find their own solutions and build a deeper understanding of what we mean by independent learning and enquiry
  • A review of how we can use feedback techniques to support students to use failure as a positive learning tool
  • Time to focus on how to support students to develop the systems skills and study skills they need to manage their programme of study and achieve their full potential
  • Some time to practice coaching skills and develop a strategy to take back that will cascade the learning to other staff and to students and an opportunity to assess the impact the measures might have on school and student success

Who is it for?

A level teachers from all subject areas in both school and college settings. Heads of Department who can take away the learning and the materials and resources so that they can undertake further training back in school with their teams, departments or faculties. This event can be re-designed for post 16 students themselves and can be a fascinating and challenging opportunity for them to see the power of both Growth Mindset and coaching theories and practice. It will also be useful for those with responsibility for CPD who can learn and take away materials and resource to use in further training for a whole staff INSET twilights or other training opportunities.

All our events are held in prestigious locations in main cities or towns. We always provide lunch and the day will normally begin at 9.30 with registration for a 10.00 start and finish at 3.30 to 4.00. We provide delegates with packs of materials on the day and everything we use is available electronically following on from the training. All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT

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