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Aspiring to Leadership - Leadership and Coaching for Middle Leaders

leadershipSuccession planning is a critical tool in creating the right staff to ensure sustainable and long term outstanding school leadership and management. We have drawn on a range of models and best practice examples to bring together a middle leadership programme that will build capacity and will support the middle leadership team in their current role. This one day event is meant as a starting point from which middle leaders can begin to develop a range of coaching skills that they can use with their teams to deepen their skills and understanding of the power of coaching. This event will stand alone or can be used as the beginning of a journey towards accreditation or provide a springboard for further training opportunities from Learning Cultures.

From the latest OFSTED Handbook for Schools

"Inspectors will judge the effectiveness of the quality of continuing professional development for teachers at the start and middle of their careers and later, including to develop leadership capacity and how leaders and governors use performance management to promote effective practice across the school."

"Inspectors will the judge the effectiveness of the rigour and accuracy of self-evaluation and how well it leads to planning that secures continual improvement."

In Wales the National Leadership Development Board echo what ESTYN are looking for when they say:-

"We believe that the long term solution lies in building a self improving schools system, in which schools are enabled and empowered to lead their own improvement and to take collective responsibility for the improvement of other schools".

What will the day consist of:-

  • A focus on the qualities and skills of a leader and an opportunity to reflect on the difference between management and leadership
  • An opportunity to begin to develop a deeper understanding of the skills and attributes of a coach and how these skills can support the development of a range of highly effective leadership skills
  • Time to reflect on the differences between coaching and mentoring and how a deeper understanding of both can have a significant impact on the role of the line manager in the context of supporting others to change
  • An opportunity for individuals to focus on their own strengths and how to recognise their gaps and their learning agenda in pursuit of their own professional development and leadership ambitions
  • Time to reflect on a specific school goal or vision where the individual manager has time to focus on their own strategy for managing the process and empowering others through coaching
  • Coaching practice using two coaching models that can be taken back into school to support further coaching opportunities in school linked to a planned programme of personal and professional development

Who should attend?

Middle leaders who are looking to build their leadership skills in order to take the next steps towards leadership. This event will also be useful for those in the organisation who have responsibility for staff development and who would like to develop their own skills as coaches to take this model back into school. Heads of Department who would like to use the coaching skills to develop their line management skills to empower individuals within the department to develop or to manage change. Pastoral leaders who can also develop their skills in leading a team and begin to focus on a leadership role.


First Delegate:

£275 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£225 +VAT

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