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Our online CPD offer is now available. We have developed two different approaches:-

  • CPD on ZOOM, two sessions of two and a half hours covering the same content as our offsite courses and providing the same high-quality resources and materials
  • CPD on a MOODLE platform where the course is contained within MOODLE platform containing video presentations, whiteboard animations, activities, card sorts, resources, links to research and relevant publications and a multiple-choice quiz


We are continuing to host a series of courses as two half day sessions that will have the same detailed and in-depth learning opportunities as one of our offsite courses. You will have a live presenter who will lead the course and the same high-quality materials and resources we use at our offsite events.  We will provide all of the course materials electronically and we will send out copies in the post for those who do not have immediate access to printing facilities. These courses are designed for individuals who wish to have CPD linked to their own objectives or who want to upskill and continue to learn during the time when it is clear that offsite training is unlikely to resume in the short term.

The discounted cost of these ZOOM opportunities is £150.00 + VAT inclusive for both sessions. 

We have completed several of these online experiences and the feedback from presenters and delegates has been extremely positive.  It is a comfortable, informative but informal experience where the participants have the time to learn and reflect during the sessions and during the week between session 1 and session 2.

"An outstanding experience, especially where I had time to reflect and learn between the two sessions. The presenter was amazing, so knoweldgeable, I have learnt so much."

CPD on a MOODLE platform

If you are looking for something you can deliver to your whole staff or a team of staff within your school or college, either virtually or in school, we have now completed the first six of our comprehensive online training packages. Each course is designed so that CPD can be delivered as an INSET over a whole day, the sections can be standalone where they are delivered over two half days or over five twilight sessions.  There are video presentations that walk through each section, there are activities, card sorts and resources as well as links to further research, some whiteboard animations and a multiple choice quiz at the end of each section so that staff can test their understanding and reflect on their learning.

These packages are designed to provide a package of support for a leader or middle manager to use to ensure that all staff have access to high quality CPD.  Each section can be used again and again as part of ongoing CPD, opportunities for reflection and a chance to share and cascade the learning widely across teams of the whole school.

Each course is currently available at a 30% discounted price of £695.00 + VAT with login details for up to 10 facilitators. The materials, video presentations and other resources can then be cascaded widely across the whole school or college.  The courses currently available are:-

You will receive as part of your package all you need in a box as well as through the virtual MOODLE platform

CPD in a Box will include,

  • An on-line learning platform where all the materials can be accessed and used in different locations
  • A pen-drive with all the presentations, activity sheets and handouts needed to deliver the training
  • Sets of learning and teaching cards that form part of the content of the day and provide practical learning opportunities for those involved in the training
  • A comprehensive training manual that is a step-by-step guide to how to deliver the training
  • A bibliography of all the research and publications that have been used in the development of the training course
  • A guide to next steps so that the training is not seen as stand – alone and that will ensure that it is cascaded and disseminated widely and leads to improved performance and has an impact on school, team and individual performance