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Mastery and Deeper Learning in Literacy and Numeracy across the Primary Curriculum - Creating a tapestry of learning through the weaving of skills across the curriculum

embedding literacy

There is an imperative to ensure that all learning across year groups and subject specific teaching within the primary curriculum focuses clearly on how pupils develop their reading, writing, communication and Mathematics skills competently. It is these skills along with the wider personal, learning and thinking skills such as creative thinking, enquiry and group work that provide the rich and deep learning opportunities that will ensure progression, resilience and a love of learning.

What we don’t want to do is turn every lesson into a Maths or English lesson but what we do want is to create the opportunities for pupils to make connections and feel confident that they can learn the concept in English and Maths and apply them in the context of learning within many different situations and learning opportunities. Creating a continuum of learning from EYFS and through key stage 1 and 2 is enhanced by focusing on the essential literacy and numeracy skills that allow pupils to access and retain knowledge over time.  

This training will include:-

  • A review of what constitutes evidence linked to the new OFSTED proposal linked to the design and implementation of the curriculum across EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • An exploration of how children learn and remember their learning and the importance of ensuring pupils develop a range of skills that support deeper learning over time
  • A focus on the term mastery and defining the practice and pedagogy that has an impact on deep learning
  • An opportunity to look at the power of effective questioning, listening and influencing skills that challenge pupils’ self-belief and create positive and powerful classroom assessment opportunities
  • Planning how to create an inter-connected curriculum where pupils make links, deepen their knowledge and master the skills for learning
  • Time to create and define a strategy for ensuring literacy and numeracy are integral to learning in all subjects
  • Time to share the learning from the day, focusing on goals and strategies to take back to school using a simple coaching model

The new OFSTED Inspection Handbook published on 14th May 2019 focuses on:-

  • How the curriculum is planned in order that there are opportunities for pupils to build on prior learning from year to year, key stage to key stage and within and across subjects
  • How literacy, numeracy and other life skills are developed as an integral part of learning within and beyond the foundation subjects to ensure that pupils deepen their learning and master the skills
  • How the planned pedagogy allows for pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding and become unconsciously competent in the use of their literacy, numeracy and wider learning skills
  • How assessement is part of the process of planning for future learning and progression

Who is it for?

Managers with responsibility for ensuring literacy and numeracy are integral to learning across the curriculum. Year Heads and teachers who want time to reflect on how best to create opportunities for pupils to develop confidence and competence in their use of the skills that help them to access subject knowledge. This is also for those within school who are involved in developing a curriculum that is rich, has breadth and balance and that will allow pupils to become adept at their use of the skills they need as they move towards the next stage in their education journey.


First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT

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