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Moving on - creating a transition strategy that builds a continuum of learning from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 and beyond

seamless transitionMoving on - creating a transition strategy that builds a continuum of learning from Key stage 1 to Key Stage 2

Transition is in the spotlight in the new OFSTED inspection handbook for schools November 2019 and for the first time it shines on how schools communicate the progress and curriculum content that has shaped the learning for pupils developing deep and rich learning in early years, year 1 and 2 and across the bridge into KS2.  Schools need to develop highly effective partnerships that promote emotional security and build opportunities for high quality dialogue about pupils achievements and progress so far. Key Stage 2 teachers need to have a very clear understanding of the levels of attainment of each pupil so that they can design a curriculum offer that builds on prior learning and creates a continuum of learning. There is a well researched dip in learning in Year 3 which can be as a result of poor communication across the transition bridge and a lack of clarity as to what has been taught and to what depth.

The day will include:-

  • A review of the curriculum and how to create a strategy that ensures there are opportunities for deep learning and stretch and challenge for children as they embark upon their learning journey
  • A look at how to develop highly effective partnerships so that there is a consistent understanding of the judgements that have been made about the level of achievement, attainment and progress of individual pupils
  • A review of teaching and learning and how to ensure that there is a shared understanding of the kinds of pedagogy, learning styles and assessment strategies used in EYFS AND Key Stage 1 and how these are used and adapted in year 3 and beyond.
  • Identifying the type of data that should be shared in order to set accurate targets, inform class groupings, inform curriculum planning and gain an overall view of the stages of development of each pupil
  • An opportunity to review approaches to cross phase moderation, collaborative planning and teacher assessment
  • Time to reflect on what is working well, what needs to be changed and what innovations and new ideas can be adapted or introduced to enhance the transition process.
  • We use a range of materials and resources on the day that are available electronically so that they can be used again as part of ongoing CPD back in school. We can also offer this event as an in-house event for cross phase managers and teachers as an INSET for the whole school and partner schools or as twilight sessions as part of planned CPD in school or working with partners across the two phases.

Who should attend?

This event will be highly beneficial for Heads of transition and those responsible for EYFS years 1 and 2 and year 3 and beyond. The information and messages will also be of great value to headteachers and the senior leadership team responsible for Key Stage 2 and where there is a willingness to forge effective partnerships with those from Key stage 1 as well. This event also offers a profound opportunity for Key Stage 2 managers and teachers to work with their Key Stage 1 partners to plan a collective transition policy that ensures a seamless move across the bridge, opportunities to build on prior learning and a guarantee that pupils will thrive and progress at this crucial time.

Our Transition Team

We have a team of educators who are experts in reviewing and building effective strategies for transition. There is a great deal of evidence that pupils dip in performance significantly at times of transition. The need for greater collaboration, the moderation and sharing of data and assessment information and a greater understanding of the pedagogy and practice that underpins learning in the different key stages of education from early years to post 16 is crucial in negating this very damaging but all too prevalent dip in performance. The introduction of the new curriculum and the need to develop new approaches to assessing learning make this a critical time to review strategies for better transition. The team here at Learning Cultures have built a wealth of examples, best practice models and ideas and advice about how to make transition a time where pupils thrive and prosper as they move from key stage to key stage.


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