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An Introduction to Co-Operative Learning - Developing knowledge, understanding and skills, defining the principles of co-operative learning and deciding on a delivery strategy

This course is delivered as a live webinar either as:

two morning sessions from 10.00 until 12.30 overt two weeks or

as twilight sessions from 16.00 until 18.30 over two weeks.

The intervening week provides those who attend with time in between the sessions to reflect, share and research through further reading. The course is deliverable to a single person, small group or whole school community.

Co-operative learning is a powerful philosophical and practical approach in a teacher’s armoury that supports outstanding teaching and deep learning. Co-operative learning enables learners to learn from and with each other in a culture of mutual support and challenge. Social development and an understanding of educative interdependency is at the heart of these learning structures. Classroom behaviour is positively transformed and learning becomes a process of metacognitive analysis.

The course is designed to take participants through the stages from intension to successful delivery. The course leader will draw on successful practice in a range of settings, highlighting commonly occurring mistakes and strategies that have yielded considerable improvements in the short term and over time.

The sessions will focus on:

  • Defining co-operative learning and its distinctions from other forms of didactic practice drawing from research data complied over several decades and in several countries
  • Outlining the key principles of co-operative learning from the position of a school leader, an educator and a learner
  • Exploring the skills and qualities needed for developing effective co-operative learning in and out of school settings
  • The transformation journey from current practice to mastery in a single classroom, across a school or throughout a trust
  • Teaching a range of co-operative learning structures to participants while including advanced skills for those who have already embarked on the journey

Reflection throughout the programme and after programme support is available to all participants including how best to use the Appraisal process for supporting staff and building co-operative teaching teams. Further study is available for advance co-operative learning training and development for participants eager to raise their levels of expertise.

Who is it for?

This course is the beginning of a journey to becoming a co-operative learning practitioner.

  • Senior leader who want to find out more about how co-operative learning works in the classroom and its potential impact on a range of outcomes
  • Middle leaders who are seeking to improve engagement with learners and provoke an interest in discovery through their subject or pastoral responsibility. Co-operative learning has helped raise exam standards and is a helpful tool for on-line team learning
  • Classroom teacher who want to excel at their practice and who want to see high levels of deep learning engagement in their classes. It is for teachers who want their learners to be excited by learning with them
  • Teaching assistants who want to introduce team and group engagement within their support and intervention clusters, teaching their young learners how to foster interdependency and accountability


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£195 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£175 +VAT

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