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Enhancing the Role of the Literacy Coordinator - weaving literacy through the curriculum

Enhancing the Role of the Literacy Coordinator - weaving literacy through the curriculum

This event will run:- 

as morning sessions from 10.00 until 12.30 over two weeks

or as twilight sessions from 16.00 to 18.30 over two weeks

The intervening week can be used for reflection, collaboration and an opportunity to share with colleagues the learning from the first session to review some of the valuable resources and materials that will help to shape future planning.

These live webinars focus on how literacy and in particular reading are high on the agenda as the curriculum is given far greater prominence. We look in detail at the curriculum and how it is delivered to ensure a seamless and sequential learning platform where the role of literacy must be seen as an integral part of curriculum planning for all subjects and departments. It is the literacy skills that underpin the way that pupils access the curriculum and the knowledge they need to continue to progress and deepen their understanding. These sessions support the literacy coordinator to take away a wealth of resources and materials to use with all those who teach in key stage 3, 4 or 5.

Creating a whole school collaborative approach to the embedding of literacy across the curriculum will have a positive impact on learning. The collaboration and opportunities for cross curricular dialogue will provide all subject and faculty staff with an opportunity to focus on how non-fiction texts can aid reading and comprehension, build confidence in writing for different audiences and purposes and allow learners to gain in confidence when they present information, share ideas or speak with authority.

This event will focus on:-

  • A focus on the role of literacy in ensuring that the emphasis on curriculum design and delivery ensures that there is a clear sequencing of learning that leads to high levels of skills competence and the acquisition and deepening of knowledge
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of a Literacy Co-ordinator, or leader in literacy in the context of developing a whole school strategy that puts literacy at the heart of learning
  • Focusing on learning and identifying how literacy is an essential element of all learning and teaching in order to aid progression in every subject and lesson
  • Creating opportunities to look at literacy specifics and how to support subject specialists other than English teachers develop their own deeper understanding of how to enhance the literacy skills of learners as part of deepening their subject knowledge across all learning
  • Building a suite of learning opportunities for teachers of subjects other than English to use in their own planning
  • Reviewing assessment policy and practice for the whole school, across year groups and for individual subject areas or departments
  • A focus on some of the strategies and techniques that can ultimately support teachers in subjects other than English to be fully confident that they are an integral part of a whole school literacy culture

Win hearts and minds, create a strategy that is embraced by all staff, give learners the skills that support them to become highly competent and adept users of their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Have a look at the poems we have collected about the quirkiness of the English language Click here. This event will support schools and colleges in their quest to ensure their curriculum has breadth and depth and will help to create the evidence included in OFSTED's new handbook that is now in use.


Who is it for?

This event is of particular interest to those who have been given the role of Literacy Coordinator or who assume that role. It will also be very valuable for other managers or teachers who have a specific responsibility for embedding literacy across the curriculum such as Heads of English or Teaching and Learning Managers. Curriculum managers will benefit from an understanding of the content of this day as part of their quest for ensuring cohesion and collaboration determine how the curriculum is implemented in line with the defined rationale and ambition. SENCOs and HLTAs who have a responsibility for enhancing the literacy skills of those they support. This event may also be useful for those with responsibility for CPD or staff development who would be able to use the materials and learning from the day to develop further training for colleagues back in school.

Build the evidence that OFSTED are looking to see:-

"Reading is prioritised to allow pupils to access the full curriculum offer."

"A rigorous and sequential approach to the reading curriculum develops pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading. At all stages, reading attainment is assessed and gaps are addressed quickly and effectively for all pupils."

"Teachers ensure that their own speaking, listening, writing and reading of English support pupils in developing their language and vocabulary well."

OFSTED Inspection Hand book for School


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