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Formative Assessment - Creating the pedagogy of challenge, progression and deeper learning in the primary school - A CPD Box Set

Formative Assessment - Creating the pedagogy of challenge, progression and deep learning in primary schools

This ready to use asynchronous training programme is broken down into five units. It is designed so that you have all the materials, resources and presentations to deliver at a time that suits your CPD timetable.

You can work through the units in one day with colleagues or alone or you can take each unit separately over time. You can dip into the wealth of materials, articles and recommended books, use the card activities to support discussion and decision making and complete some of the activities with the aid of questionnaires and proformas.

This course focuses on assessment as part of the curriculum planning process. It also takes an in-depth look at formative assessment practices that deliver dramatic improvements in pupils' resilience, understanding and motivation to accept challenge.  We build into the day a focus on the power of positive questioning and at other formative assessment skills that teachers can use to encourage independence so that pupils understand and can articulate how they are learning as well as what they are learning.

We investigate the power of challenge and the value of effort as integral aspects of formative assessment and resilient learning.  We look at the growing body of evidence that suggests pupils benefit from opportunities to be an integral part of the assessment process and focus on some of the strategies that are known to impact on learning and achievement. We also focus on the imperative to ensure that professional dialogue across all subjects, year groups and phases leads to a consistent whole school approach to how assessment is used as an important aspect of curriculum delivery and impact.

Each unit has a wealth of learning opportunities which you can dip into with colleagues or alone.

The sessions include:-

Session 1 Formative Assessment - creating a whole school or college consistent approach to assessment that is linked to learning outcomes and curriculum intent and implementation

Session 2 Reflecting on the purpose of assessment both formative and summative - what is the impact of formative and summative assessment on learning, progression and achievement

Session 3 Exploring practical models and methods of formative assessment linked to creating opportunities for progression, fostering challenge and revealing the gaps in learning

Session 4 Investigating positive feedback techniques linked to deep and rich questioning, taxonomies that foster progression and deepening pupils' understanding of how they learn as well as what they learn

Session 5 Time to review current practice and plan new strategies and an opportunity to use effective feedback and coaching techniques to share your goals and plans with colleagues

Formative assessment is a powerful way to ensure that learners are challenged to learn more, deepen their understanding and be ready to build on their learning over time.  The right techniques and strategies can make a significant difference to pupils ability to be able to reflect on their learning and have the motivation and will to continue to deepen their understanding and have the knowledge that is retained in the long term memory.

Who is it for?

Senior leaders, curriculum leaders and subject specialists who have the responsibility to ensure that their teaching and support teams are working together to plan their teaching and assessment strategies in order to create a continuum of progression and a sequencing of learning that will deepen knowledge and understanding for all pupils. Teachers, especially those with responsibility for delivering core and subject specific learning who can work closely with their teams to define how to deliver a curriculum and assessment model that will support high quality pedagogy in the classroom. CPD managers who want to learn from the course in order that they can use a range of high-quality training tools and resources to develop a programme for all teaching and support staff in school.


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