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Quality Assurance - a framework for curriculum cohesion, collaboration and impact

Quality Assurance - a framework for curriculum cohesion, collaboration and impact

Create a quality assurance system in your school and ensure that there is evidence of positive collaboration, clearly defined systems and well-structured accountability frameworks that ensure all staff know the part they play in achieving the school vision for continuous improvement in curriculum implementation, pedagogy and the assessment of learning outcomes.

This course will provide the framework and the tools to ensure that quality assurance is visible, clearly defined and easy to assess.

We look at the principles of a quality assurance system that can be moulded to your own specific setting and provide a well mapped out journey towards success.

  • A clearly defined policy for quality assurance as part of the structure of strategic management
  • A mechanism for defining and communicating the vision for the organisation including how the curriculum intent is integral to the vision and ambition for the organisation
  • Processes for the design and approval of the curriculum in terms of content, sequencing over time and intended learning outcomes
  • Clearly defined standards for classroom pedagogy, behaviour and the management of and assessment of learning
  • The management of information and data to ensure that analysis and use of data informs progress, intervention and challenge
  • A strategy for assessing staff development needs linked to achieving the school vision and the needs of individuals and teams within the organisation
  • A mechanism for sharing success within and outside the organisation

The course will include:

  • Defining what we mean by quality assurance and Quality Management Standards in an educational context
  • Focusing on the benefits of having an incremental and process driven system that everyone can be a part of delivering
  • A review of the key steps in the process of implementation
  • Time to look at a quality assurance framework that uses the seven principles above and sets out incremental steps for each one that form the basis of school or college system
  • A look at the key roles that need to be in place to implement a quality assurance process
  • Developing a time line for implementation with clear steps that include time for review and reflection on the learning that emerges from the process
  • Using a coaching model to focus on the learning from the day and clarifying next steps in developing a QA process

Quality assurance is all about effective communication. It is about high quality assessment of the indicators that underpin what is expected within each stage. It is also about the sharing and celebration of successful outcomes.  Professional dialogue, collaborative team-working and a shared commitment to organisational excellence will deliver sustainable educational outcomes and the related data to be proud of. Book now to focus on a strategy that will draw together all the important elements that lead to outstanding outcomes in a school or college.

Who is this course for?

Quality assurance needs to be a focus for the Headteacher or principal and members of the senior leadership team. It is also important for the curriculum manager who needs to ensure there are quality checks across all planning, pedagogy and assessment of learning. Heads of Teaching and Learning and subject leaders also have a part to play in developing a highly successful strategy for effective quality assurance. It is important that an individual or a team are assigned responsibility for quality assurance and how the strategy is rolled out across the organisation. All our courses have an element of coaching woven through them and within this course we would hope to ensure that those involved in the development of a strategy for quality assurance have an opportunity to use coaching to create a culture of positive feedback and create opportunities for the sharing and cascading of good and outstanding practice.

 All our courses are delivered in prestigious venues in major cities, located within easy walking distance from mainline stations, the road network and car parks.  We always provide lunch and we will offer refreshments from 09.30 for a 10.00 start.  We aim to finish at between 15.30 and 16.00 but the trainer is always available for further consultation if required.


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£295 +VAT

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£245 +VAT

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