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Curriculum Matters for Pupils with SEND - creating a deep and rich curriculum offer to ensure parity and enhance learning outcomes

There is a clear imperative to ensure that all pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) in school receive a curriculum offer that provides similar breadth and depth as more able pupils. There should be varied and challenging content that provides parity with all learners and their learning opportunities. In other words the curriculum should provide a rich vein of opportunity fo all pupils whatever their starting point.

This course focuses on the curriculum and the essential need for positive communication with all staff and other stakeholders that fosters clarity of vision in relation to the quality of the curriculum offered to pupils with SEND. There is a wide spectrum of possibility here and it is essential to unpick what it is that is required in order to have the evidence for OFSTED. We have undertaken some in-depth research into what constitutes good practice and have developed a range of resources to support further professional development for those who will be planning and teaching pupils in this category.

The day will include:-

  • An in-depth focus on how to ensure curriculum intent communicates for those planning a curriculum for the group of pupils deemed to have SEND a vision and ambition that allows for depth, breadth and parity.
  • A focus on SEND provision and how it is planned and implemented successfully so that all staff and other stakeholders know the part they play in ensuring there is equality of provision for all pupils
  • Looking at a variety of approaches to planning and delivering a curriculum that will encapsulate building on prior learning, deepening knowledge and understanding over time, developing a range of skills for learning and ensuring parity linked to learning outcomes for those pupils who have special educational needs or disabilities
  • Focusing on the leadership skills that are fundamental to the role of the SEN(D)CO and the team that work with this group of pupils. Time to learn or enhance some of the essential coaching and communication skills that will deepen confidence, influence change and build dynamic and successful teams
  • Reflecting on what currently works well and therefore does not need to change and what could be improved to enhance the provision and create the evidence all pupils have the same access to a deep and rich curriculum offer
  • Time to plan and share good practice using some coaching skills that will foster reflection and provide the basis for a set of goals and targets that reflect the learning from the day

Who is the course for?

Essentially, the course is aimed at those who are responsible for designing a curriculum offer for those deemed to have special educational needs.  This can be in any school primary, secondary or special or in a further education setting.  It will also be useful for those who have senior leadership responsibility for leading the SEND provision within the school. Catering for the needs of pupils with SEND is in the spotlight and this course will provide the tools and resources to take back to school so that all those who teach or look after pupils with SEND will receive an education that has depth and breadth and allows each individual to achieve their full potential. Governors who have the role of overseeing the SEND provision may also benefit from attending this course in order to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the statutory responsibility and what is deemed as best practice for the SEN(D)CO. 

All our courses are delivered in prestigious venues in major cities, located within easy walking distance from mainline stations, the road network and car parks.  We always provide lunch and we will offer refreshments from 09.30 for a 10.00 start.  We aim to finish at between 15.30 and 16.00 but the trainer is always available for further consultation if required.



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£295 +VAT

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£245 +VAT

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