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British Values and SMSC within lessons, the wider curriculum and the community.

British Values are a compulsory part of the National Curriculum. However, it is not expected that they should be taught as a stand-alone subject.  The specific content that is required to be taught is well-documented on the DfE's website. British Values fall into four main categories according to the advice,

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

These categories actually do not necessarily apply only to the United Kingdom but are those that we would all endorse as universal.  It is to this appreciation that developing a course that focuses on what an SMSC curriculum looks like when the values outlined above are an integral part of it deepens and enriches the possibilities for all sorts of creative and innovative teaching and learning.

The day will:

  • Define what must be included within the curriculum for both SMSC and British Values
  • Consider the content of the curriculum and where SMSC and British Values can be woven into learning in other subjects and themes of topics across the curriculum
  • Look at the kind of evidence that OFSTED will want to see in place and how to map the content of these aspects of the curriculum where it is integral to other learning
  • Look in some depth at the knowledge needed to design a part of the curriculum that will deliver SMSC, British values and applying the Prevent Duty
  • Provide resources and activities to use in school to plan and implement SMSC and British values teaching in order to promote sound attitudes and thinking that bot inform and protect
  • Help with evaluating the impact of learning of these important components within the context of other learning or where they are taught as stand-alone lessons in order to inform further planning
  • Give delegates time to focus on how to weave together a curriculum where pupils see these aspects of learning as part of their wider curriculum experience and not as separate and therefore disconnected parts of their learning
  • Use some coaching techniques to share the learning from the day and plan next steps

Who is the day for:

Teachers of British Values and SMSC.  Teachers who work in departments where these topics could be highly relevant such as Humanities, English, Art, to name a few. This event will also be relevant for Careers teachers and those involved in vocational learning.  Curriculum planners and timetable writers may also be interested as this approach can have a sound impact on creating space within the curriculum. This is a cross phase course suitable for primary and secondary staff.



First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT

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