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The Learning Room - Exploring Metacognition and Thinking - the tools that knit knowledge and learning for progression

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This virtual course is broken down into five units. It is designed so that you have all the materials, resources and presentations to deliver at a time that suits your CPD timetable. You can work through the units in one day with colleagues or alone or you can take each unit separately over time. You can dip into the wealth of materials, articles and recommended books, use the card activities to support discussion and decision making and complete some of the activities with the aid of questionnaires and proformas.

We are going to focus on five of the skills that pupils need to develop over their time in education. These are enquiry skills, listening, art of reading to comprehend, the essential skill of questioning  and learning how to be co-operative as part of peer to peer and group work.   They form the major strands of active and participative learning that is so essential for all learners as they develop into independent learners ready for the next stage of their journey through education and life.

Metacognition is both a theory and a science. It is an essential element of effective and highly active and independent learning. We focus on how developing the pedagogical approaches to support pupils to acquire these skills is powerful in creating learners who can clearly articulate how they learn as well as what they learn.  We will be looking specifically at how teachers can support learners to think for themselves, communicate effectively with peers and in groups, read and understand with confidence and use and respond to deep and rich questioning that will help to expand their learning repertoire.

Each unit has a wealth of learning opportunities which you can dip into with colleagues or alone.

The sessions include:-

Session 1 How do we teach learners how to learn - an exploration of metacognition

Session 2 Developing the enquiring mind - the pedagogy of independent learning

Session 3 Learning how to listen actively - how do you create the listening classroom

Session 4 The art of effective comprehension  - from learning to read to reading to learn

Session 5 Working together, learning together - the pedagogy of structured group learning

"Metacognition and self-regulation aim to help pupils think about their own learning, more explicitly, often by teaching specific strategies for planning monitoring and evaluating their learning. Interventions are usually designed to give pupils a repertoire of strategies to choose from and the skills to select the most suitable strategy for a given learning task."

Education Endowment Foundation

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Who is this course for?

All teachers and support staff across the whole spectrum of education from early years to post 16.  How learners learn is a critical element for anyone learning how to be a successful teacher.  The more we can invest in developing a range of skills that support learners to develop the skills that will grow with them in subject specific and cross curricular learning.  This course will also be very useful for curriculum and subject leaders who can use the content to enhance their own learning and then work with their teams to deepen their knowledge and understanding.  CPD leaders and managers will find this a powerful course to support them in developing a suite of learning sessions for all teachers but especially those fairly new to the profession.

Ten top tips for enquiry learning


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Learning how to learn on-line

During this unprecedented time we will be sending out regular newsposts with tips and ideas as to how you can support pupils to successfully work from home.

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