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Re-thinking Appraisal and Performance Management- Creating a coaching culture that leads to influential change through positive learning conversations

Learning Cultures - Rethinking Appraisal Video

This virtual course is broken down into five units. It is designed so that you have all the materials, resources and presentations to deliver at a time that suits your CPD timetable.

You can work through the units in one day with colleagues or alone or you can take each unit separately over time. You can dip into the wealth of materials, articles and recommended books, use the card activities to support discussion and decision making and complete some of the activities with the aid of questionnaires and proformas.

This event provides leaders and managers with an opportunity to review the effectiveness of their procedures for ensuring the quality of teaching and learning is continually improving and staff have the right systems so that they can learn from their colleagues and be a part of a culture of self- improvement, reflection and the sharing and cascading of good practice. We also look closely at the kind of strategies that are successful in tackling under performance and building confidence of those who are perceived or perceive themselves to be not performing well.

Each unit has a wealth of learning opportunities which you dip into with colleagues or alone.

The units include

Session 1 Why re-think appraisal? Defining the cycle of appraisal as a process for learning

Session 2 Defining and communicating the vision for change - changing the emphasis from performance management to professional development and learning

Session 3 Identifying the coaching skills and attributes that can transform appraisal from a top-down model to a powerful vehicle for change and learning

Session 4 Creating a coaching vision to support appraisal - some tools and techniques to use as part of the process that will help to create a culture of trust that fosters positive change

Session 5 Time to focus on next steps and to use a coaching model to clearly define the goal and process that will transform appraisal

Testimonials for Rethinking Appraisal

This course focuses on the power of coaching to transform the culture of an organisation so that professional development is an integral part of a process of shared learning and ensures a deep understanding of how the defined curriculum leads to deep learning and profound understanding across all subjects, year groups and phases.

Who is it for?

Leaders and managers with responsibility for performance management, professional development and appraisal. Also, for CPD managers who would like to use the content to create an in-house strategy for developing others. Middle leaders who are increasingly taking on line management responsibility and who are accountable for the performance of their teams. Subject and faculty leaders who have lead responsibility for ensuring all subject specialists can deliver high quality, seamless learning that leads to positive outcomes for all learners. This course will foster opportunities to learn how to use coaching conversations across the school or college to create the right culture that delivers transformational change and will ensure more motivated and engaged staff.



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