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Developing resilience and enhancing well-being for teachers creates a dynamic and innovative learning classroom

Resilient teachers promote resilient traits within the classroom. Our mindset determines the tone for the lesson, and when we have great levels of wellbeing, this is reflected positively amongst learners. Being resilient and feeling a sense of strong wellbeing, means we are competent, resourceful and dynamic in the classroom.

The operational definition of resilience within schools is ‘using energy productively to achieve school goals in the face of adverse conditions’. (Patterson, Collins, Abbot, 2004).

Participating in ‘high-stake’ events such as being observed, delivering presentations and completing assessments, whilst effectively managing workload and classroom behaviour, can often result in poor management of stress. This event will focus on the key components that contribute to stress, learning how to identify triggers and apply resilience-based solutions, to significantly improve wellbeing. Developing insight into individual resilience, will also provide a deeper understanding of the resilience in others, enabling support in wellbeing for other members of staff, and students. Enhanced resilience and wellbeing increases leadership capabilities, through encouraging colleagues to change, and try things they wouldn’t ordinarily consider.

“Teachers who reported higher levels of burnout had students with higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol each morning, suggesting classroom tensions could be ‘contagious.’” (University of British Columbia, 2016)

“A survey by the National Union of Teachers in the United Kingdom found 81% of teachers experienced depression, anxiety, or stress at work” ("Teacher Stress," 2012)

The day will include: -

An overview of stress, the science behind the physiological symptoms, and how it affects our perceptions and behaviour.How and where to identify the causes and triggers of stress for ourselves, and others.Coaching for relaxation, how to introduce relaxation into the classroom, to create a calm environment for teaching and learning.A variety of practical tools and techniques in emotional intelligence, to enhance understanding of your own stressors, and ways of shifting mindset.Multiple opportunities to practice the techniques with colleagues and delegates.Developing coaching skills and techniques to implement at school, to support colleagues’ and students’ wellbeing.

Who should attend?

This opportunity would greatly benefit teachers wanting to build personal resilience, and apply the theories, learning and techniques for other colleagues and students.


First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT