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Time is a finite and valuable resource - focus on how to respect it, manage it and use it wisely

A valuable training opportunity to focus on how to manage time for an effective work-life balance.

Time management is one of the most important skills of effective leadership and management. In education every teacher, leader and manager is effectively managing and therefore the management of time is key for all staff in a school or college setting.

The focus of this course is to reflect on how time is currently being used, what impact the tasks that eat into time are having on the learning process, on the quality of output and how well individuals and teams are achieving their goals and objectives in relation to the school vision and departmental or team priorities.

We look at the theory of time management and some of the research into issues relating to workload and stress currently being experienced by those in the teaching profession. We also look at some of the strategies for making the best use of time in the context of planning, resource development and marking.  We also focus on how through effective collaboration within teams and across the subject or phase divides time can be used in a much more innovative way. 

We look closely at school policies in relation to work-load, planning and marking. We review how the use of meetings can be more streamlined and structured to ensure they are time saving rather than time-wasting.

We provide those who attend with an opportunity to focus on their own role and undertake a light-hearted review of what they can change and how.  We build an element of coaching into the process to give delegates an opportunity to focus on their goals and how through a more innovative use of time they can change the way they work, interact, plan and deliver.

The day will include:

  • Reflect on and explore the specific issues linked to time management in a school or college setting
  • Focus on good and best practice and which approaches may support more effective time management in different settings
  • The importance of collaboration and shared planning across phases, year groups and departments and how to create a consistent whole school approach
  • Building a deeper understanding of goal-setting and managing priorities whilst managing the day to day issues that arise as part of school life
  • Designing a fit for purpose policy or strategy that helps individual teachers to manage their priorities within the wider school community
  • The science of self-motivation and self-belief and the tools and techniques of delegation
  • Learning how to be positive about negotiating time to meet deadlines, achieve stated goals and work towards clearly defined outcomes
  • A chance to use the learning from the day to determine next steps in managing and creating space to achieve and succeed in creating a work-life balance

Who is the day for?

Certainly, for those who have line management responsibilities and want to supoprt their teams to manage their time more effectively and with greater confidence.  Team leaders, Heads of Department, Pastoral leaders who have to juggle many priorities and may feel a little overwhelmed by the current work-load they are experiencing. CPD managers who can learn and take the learning back to school to support others.  This event will be useful for all teachers as well who are managing themselves their classrooms and the content of the learning as well as possibly having some extra responsibilities that eat into time.



First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT