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Coaching in the Classroom with Pupils - creating the pedagogy that delivers deep learning, fosters resilience and creates reflective and independent learners

coaching classroomCoaching in the classroom with pupils - creating the pedagogy that delivers deep learning, fosters resilience and creates reflective and independent learners

This event supports teachers to focus on how to help pupils to develop a range of coaching skills that will impact on how they learn and achieve in the classroom. The emphasis is on stretch and challenge, depth and breadth and a focus on pupils achieving mastery of the skills they use for learning. OFSTED, ESTYN and ISI are talking to pupils in the classroom about their learning, they are much more interested in asking the question 'how did you learn that?' rather than 'what have you learnt?' For pupils articulating how they have learnt across all their learning is difficult, they do not, necessarily have the language or the understanding to share how they have learnt.  Developing a range of coaching skills for pupils gives them the opportunity to reflect on their thinking, how they remember facts, how they sift those facts and how they use them to reason, infer and analyse. Where pupils learn how to work in groups, sharing ideas, comparing answers, determining fact from fiction they learn more and retain more.  When pupils learn how to listen deeply and intently, take notes and select the most important and relevant information they are likely to deepen their understanding and raise their awareness of the power of active listening. 

The day will include:-

  • Establishing a coaching pedagogy in the classroom - the positive coaching ethos that motivates and inspires pupils to achieve
  • Coaching and resilience - fostering for pupils a sense of their own self-worth and how developing a deeper understanding of how they learn can have positive benefits that deepen understanding and raise aspiration
  • Focusing on the coaching skills specifically listening and questioning and how developing these skills for both the teacher and the pupil unleash a positive learning culture in the classroom
  • Building coaching into pedagogy to ensure impact on learning, progression and achievement.
  • Creating a coaching classroom some practical tips and ideas
  • Reflecting on specific classroom situations and weaving coaching solutions that will ensure positive actions are taken, learning takes place and the self-esteem of pupils is raised
  • Time to practise coaching in triads using a coaching model to decide on next steps in developing a coaching culture in the classroom

Who is it for?

This training course will benefit all those who teach. It will also be useful for support staff and teaching assistants who may benefit from a deeper understanding of how to help learners to find their own solutions and work on their own initiative. There is a direct link between the skills needed for effective formative assessment and coaching so it is a perfect training opportunity for classroom practitioners to learn new techniques or build on those skills they already have. It will also be highly beneficial for anyone who leads a department or team to join us to learn and take back a range of tools, models and resources that can be used to train others back in school. This event is suitable for teachers in both the primary and secondary phases of education. It will also be useful for those with responsibility for CPD in school as the messages and skills are beneficial for everyone with the responsibility for teaching and learning.

All our events are held in prestigious locations in main cities or towns. We always provide lunch and the day will normally begin at 9.30 with registration for a 10.00 start and finish at 3.30 to 4.00. We provide delegates with packs of materials on the day and everything we use is available electronically following on from the training. All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT

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