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Developing the Skills of a Coaching Ambassador - deepen and widen a knowledge of coaching skills

advance coachingDeveloping the skills of the Coaching Ambassador - an opportunity to deepen and widen a knowledge of coaching skills and techniques to support effective implementation of a coaching strategy

This event will build on learning from our Coaching Towards Outstanding programme and our programmes for subject and pastoral leaders. It will also support leaders and managers to deepen their coaching skills. It may also be beneficial for teachers and managers who have developed their coaching skills elsewhere and want to re-reinforce their learning and advance their understanding of the power of coaching as an effective tool for change. Our team of Learning Cultures coaches will work closely with those who attend to hone their coaching skills using new coaching models that can add to their repertoire and be introduced as part of the development or further development of coaching in school. We will also continue to focus on the individual coach and how their own learning journey should be continually assessed and reviewed as part of the process of reflection and goal setting.

We will look closely at how coaching is being used to manage change or improve performance and assess its impact as a tool that influences others to think differently, be innovative and creative in their approach to planning, team working and teaching and learning. Finally we will give those who attend time to practice their coaching skills, learn new approaches and create a plan for how they will take their learning back to school. We will also share ideas about action research and accreditation for those who may be interested.

What will day involve?

  • An opportunity to use coaching skills to reflect on how coaching is being used or will be used to communicate the vision the school has for creating a culture of continuous improvement 
  • Deepening and strengthening coaching skills using the power of deep and rich questioning, active listening, influencing and change management skills
  • Time to use these skills in a series of  interactive coaching conversations
  • A focus on the essential skills of self-reflection and time to identify individual strengths and gaps and how to plan a learning journey through coaching
  • Using a coaching model to identify the way in which coaching will be used to develop learning communities back in school
  • Further opportunities to use coaching skills as a means of sharing goals and plans that individuals will take back to their organisation to begin to or further build a coaching culture for the school
  • A review of several tools and techniques that a coaching ambassador might use with others back in school to cascade their learning and build a team of coaches
  • Introduce another coaching model that can be used to refine coaching skills and strengthen the goals and vision of individual coaching ambassadors
  • A third opportunity to practice coaching skills and to reflect on the learning journey so far and where individual coaching ambassadors need to go next on their pathway to becoming highly effective coaches

Who is it for?

Leaders, teachers and managers who have some experience of coaching and would like to revisit the theory and practice of coaching to enhance their own learning and hone their skills so that they can take their skills back to school and start to build or continue to develop a coaching culture. Those individuals who have attended our coaching training and would like to further enhance their skills in order to continue to develop powerful coaching solutions as ambassadors in their school or across a partnership of schools. Leaders and managers who have attended NPQH training and middle leadership training where an element of coaching was part of the programme and others who have been using coaching as a tool in their school and who wish to reflect on its impact, learn about new models, techniques and tools and consider next steps in developing coaching in their organisation.


If the delegate has attended a previous Learning Cultures coaching event we will offer them the second delegate rate for this event.

All our events are centrally located. Registration and refreshments are available from 9.30am for a 10.00am start, and we will finish around 3.30-4.00pm. We always provide lunch.


First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT

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