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Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning

coachingtowardsoutstaandingCoaching can help to embed a culture of excellence and improvement across a whole organisation. Coaches can have a significant impact on influencing transformational change as part of planned continuing professional development focus or where policy changes require organisational and curriculum reform.

Coaching has a significant impact on creating a whole school consistent ethos where all staff share what works well, continuously learn through reflection and are motivated to try out new approaches and ideas in the classroom.

Both OFSTED in England and Estyn in Wales are looking closely at the quality of teaching and how teachers collaborate, share their practice and learn from each other.

The new OFSTED handbook for August 2016 states as one of the grade descriptors for the effectiveness of leadership and management;

"Leaders and governors use incisive performance management that leads to professional development that encourages, challenges and supports teachers' improvement".

"Staff reflect on and debate the way they teach. They feel deeply involved in their own professional development. Leaders have created a climate in which teachers are motivated and trusted to take risks and innovate in ways that are right for their pupils"

For schools in Wales ESTYN want to see that there is the capacity and capability to make improvements and implement plans; a successful track record in managing change, addressing recommendations from previous inspections and securing improvement; clear priorities and challenging targets for improvement. Coaching can have a significant impact on creating the right dialogue that leads to consistent, sustainable strategies for change

This event provides those who attend with an opportunity to learn and practice the skills and attributes needed to become a coach including influencing, questioning and active listening skills. We give delegates time to reflect on how to use coaching to support individual teachers to reflect on their practice, deepen their understanding of outstanding pedagogy and focus on and look closely at how coaching can be implemented as part of a quest to remain or become an outstanding school. We have revised the content to include a focus on how deep and rich questioning in the classroom is an integral part of the focus on formative assessment which is a very important aspect of the current advice on how to assess without levels.

The day will include:-

  • An in-depth look at what OFSTED or ESTYN are looking for in order to judge a teacher outstanding or excellent
  • An opportunity to reflect on practice and what makes a successful learner and teacher
  • A focus on the skills of a coach including influencing, questioning and active listening skills
  • A review of a range of active and participative pedagogies and how participants use these in practice to create a culture of deep learning and highly effective formative feedback using rich questioning techniques
  • An interactive look at learning and the metacognition that builds pupils deeper understanding of how they learn, how they remember and how they deepen their understanding
  • An opportunity to practice coaching techniques and apply them in the context of peer to peer observation, feedback and a structured commitment to self and peer evaluation and whole school improvement
  • Identifying ways to apply coaching skills in supporting the development of a strategy that will cascade ideas, resources and a dialogue that leads to a culture where outstanding practise is consistent across the whole school

There is an opportunity to join an online forum for delegates who attend so that as each individual embarks upon a coaching programme in their relevant school or college he or she can seek support, share experiences, ideas and resources and belong to a community of practising coaches.

Who should attend?

Managers with responsibility for supporting the staff development of experienced and newly qualified staff and those with responsibility for performance management that reflect the new policy changes. Aspiring managers, outstanding and good teachers and those professionals who want to learn coaching techniques to support the development of their team. Sometimes teachers and their support teams come to the training together to take back their learning in order that they can collaborate more effectively in the pursuit of outstanding learning and teaching. Take advantage of our second delegate rate if you want to send more than one delegate to the event.

We can also offer this event for groups of staff or the whole school as an INSET.

The Coaching team

We have a team of highly qualified coaches with a background in education. Coaching is integral to how we plan and prepare for delivery of all our events. We work closely together to refine the programmes we deliver and constantly update them to reflect changes to the curriculum, assessment and the demands of the inspectorate. We believe that those who attend our training should have a good understanding of how the learning will be used back in school and what the individual is aiming to achieve in ensuring they are able to share and cascade to others and measure the impact on whole school, team or individual performance. You can find out more about the team by going to the about us page on our website.

All our events are centrally located. Registration and refreshments are available from 9.30am for a 10.00am start, and we will finish around 3.30-4.00pm. We always provide lunch.


First Delegate:

£275 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£225 +VAT

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