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Coaching the NQT - Going Beyond Mentoring

coaching nqtCoaching can have a transformational effect on performance and for the newly qualified teacher can have an impact on how well they develop during their crucial first year of teaching. Creating a culture where NQTs receive high quality non-judgemental feedback that is based on self - evaluation and the use of expert questioning techniques and listening skills has a proven impact on how well NQTs develop and grow in their role.

Similar techniques help all teachers in their quest for continuing professional improvement, building a firm foundation at the beginning of their career helps build a sustainable and powerful skills base that impacts on whole school excellence and improvement. Nurturing and developing teachers new to the profession will ensure that they feel a part of the school and will want to stay and develop their professional expertise as part of a long term strategy of sustainability.

This event can also be beneficial where schools want to support teachers returning from long term absence such as maternity leave and for those who are not in their first year of teaching but still require some support.

Statutory guidance on the induction for Newly Qualified Teachers in England and Wales was revised in October 2014. To download a copy click here.

The spotlight is on how schools ensure their NQTs have the right start and will develop into excellent and outstanding teachers who will want to stay within the profession. OFSTED and ESTYN in Wales are looking for evidence of high quality support, feedback and stretch and challenge. Coaching provides a superb framework for developing the mentoring skills of those who nurture NQT into coaching skills that will help them to find their own solutions and become highly competent teachers.


"In addition to meeting as many NQTs as possible and, where possible, seeing their practice. Inspectors must assess the effectiveness of the support and professional development put in place for NQTs and other teachers who are in the early stages of their careers, particularly in dealing with pupil behaviour. This must include the quality of mentoring and what the school has done to support their development in areas for improvement identified by initial teacher training providers".

ESTYN in Wales want to see as part of the induction phase for an NQT "

"A programme of professional development, monitoring and support based around the core priorities in the areas that we know are key to improving standards of teaching and for improving learner outcomes. These priorities are literacy, numeracy, reducing the impact of poverty on attainment, additional learning needs (ALN), behaviour management, and reflective practice";

Developing a deeper understanding of how coaching will support the NQT will satisfy the statutory guidance and the inspectorate and go much further in supporting learning and teaching that will create a positive foundation for the future of the new teacher.

This event will:-

  • Provide those who mentor with a range of coaching skills that will help them support their NQTs evaluate their own performance, build awareness of how they can improve and guide them towards setting their own learning goals and targets
  • Reflect on the differences between mentoring and coaching and focus on how moving from a mentoring role to a coaching role can have a significant impact on building confidence and managing change
  • Focus on the qualities of a successful teacher and learner and how mentors can influence and empower their mentees towards delivering consistent high quality lessons
  • Examine the principles of learning and allow those who attend the opportunity to reflect on a range of active pedagogies and how these are used in practice to create the outstanding lesson
  • Build in a review of formative and summative assessment strategies that will support the implementation of the new curriculum
  • Allow for time for delegates to share their next steps and practice their coaching skills and techniques with others

Coaching can help to embed a culture of excellence and improvement across a whole organisation. Coaches can have a significant impact on embedding transformational change as part of planned continuing professional development focus or where policy changes require organisational and curriculum reform. Coaching can be highly influential in helping to cascade a culture of sustained self and organisational improvement.

There is an opportunity to join an online forum for delegates who attend so that as each individual embarks upon a coaching programme in their relevant school or college he or she can seek support, share experiences, ideas and resources and belong to a community of practicing coaches.

Who should attend?

Managers with responsibility for mentoring newly qualified teachers or those with only a few years experience. Aspiring managers and those professionals who want to learn coaching techniques to support the development of inexperienced or trainee teachers and those who are part of a drive to embed a coaching culture across the whole school. Also for those in school who deliver CPD and would like to develop the skills of a coach to support further training back in school.

The Coaching team

We have a team of highly qualified coaches with a background in education. Coaching is integral to how we plan and prepare for delivery of all our events. We work closely together to refine the programmes we deliver and constantly update them to reflect changes to the curriculum, assessment and the demands of the inspectorate. We believe that those who attend our training should have a good understanding of how the learning will be used back in school and what the individual is aiming to achieve in ensuring they are able to share and cascade to others and measure the impact on whole school, team or individual performance. You can find out more about the team by going to the about us page on our website.

All our events are centrally located. Registration and refreshments are available from 9.30am for a 10.00am start, and we will finish around 3.30-4.00pm. We always provide lunch.


First Delegate:

£275 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£225 +VAT

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