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Coaching for Subject Leaders - Implementing curriculum excellence, outstanding pedagogy and deep learning

Coaching for Subject Leaders - Implementing curriculum excellence, outstanding pedagogy and deep learning

This event will run:- 

as morning sessions from 10.00 until 12.30 over two weeks

or as twilight sessions from 16.00 to 18.30 over two weeks

The intervening week can be used for reflection, collaboration and an opportunity to practice coaching. The focus on the curriculum gives subject leaders an oppportunity to focus on how coaching can support collaborative conversations that will ensure a cohesive curriculum is sequenced and has breadth and depth across all year groups, phases and stages.

The curriculum leader, team leader, subject specialist or Head of Department has a pivotal role to play in ensuring learning continues whether it is through a blended approach or where learners are back in the classroom.  They will have to support their teams to deliver learning in different ways and they will have to have the right tools and skills to ensure progression and learning continue to take place so that learners have the knowledge and the skills they need to move to the next stage of their education. Subject leaders and those in their teams need to have the answers to a range of 'deep dive' questions that demonstrate their intimate knowledge of how the curriculum is being implemented in line with the stated intent, vision and rationale. Have a look at this list of deep dive questions about the curriculum intent, implementation and impact that were produced earlier this year and may be useful as a tool for reflection.

Key concepts in subjects.

Ensuring the curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced is also essential and this has not proved easy over the past few months.  Creating the right culture where professional dialogue and opportunities to share good practice are motivational and lead to a deeper understanding of what is going well and how to use the positive to help those who have barriers to climb over.

This event will give subject leaders, subject specialists and curriculum managers a range of coaching skills and techniques that will support them in ensuring that there is a powerful culture of sharing and cascading of good and outstanding practice across their teams. We focus on how to encourage opportunities for a professional dialogue where colleagues reflect on their subject knowledge, approaches to classroom pedagogy and the development of effective learning and teaching.

The sessions will include:-

  • A focus on how coaching can be a significant tool in developing profound opportunities for professional learning conversations to take place to support an understanding of how the curriculum is being delivered, where the gaps are and how these can be filled through innovative and pragmatic solutions
  • A look at how to manage the different levels of learning where some learners have continued to learn steadily and where others have had little opportunity to learn for whatever reason. We look at ways to fill the gaps and allow all learners to move forward from here
  • A focus on how to manage change, develop effective subject and cross-curricular teams and how to influence individuals to embrace new ideas and content and build on what they do well
  • Reflecting and sharing ideas on how to manage subject specific learning that builds on prior learning, embeds literacy, numeracy and the softer skills and uses opportunities to enhance pupils' view of the world through conceptual and cross curricular learning
  • Time to practice coaching skills using a coaching model to focus on individual, team or subject specific issues
  • The opportunity to reflect how the learning from the day will be shared and disseminated back in school to ensure there is measurable impact on team and organisational success

Who should attend?

This event is suitable for subject leaders in both primary and secondary settings.  It will also be useful for those working in special education. The changes to the approach to curriculum planning and implementation is far reaching and much of the emphasis for change is seen as part of the role of the subject leader or specialist. To some extent this is still so very relevant but there are other issues that we touch upon in the agenda above. This course will also be suitable for CPD leaders and curriculum managers who have a wider remit across phases, key stages or departments and who would like to develop a programme that they use again and again within school.

We can also run this course for schools at other times where a group subject specialists or Heads of Department would like to work together either from one organisation or from across a trust or alliance. For those in different time zones this course can be bought as a package with video presentations rather than live links or we can deliver this at other times of the day that are more suitable.

We can also deliver this course in schools or colleges for groups of staff. Contact us to find out more.


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