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Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning - Creating excellence and improvement in the classroom

Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning - Creating excellence and improvement in the classroom

This event will run:- 

as morning sessions from 10.00 until 12.30 over two weeks

or as twilight sessions from 16.00 to 18.30 over two weeks

The intervening week can be used for reflection, collaboration and an opportunity to practice coaching skills with others. It will also provide teachers and others involved in learning in the classroom to focus on how the skills of a coach can enhance progression, motivation and behaviour for the learner.

This online coaching course gives teachers the opportunity to learn how to coach and have the skills to empower reflection, foster resilience and encourage innovation in the classroom. The opportunity to learn coaching skills through virtual reality is profound and the approach here with time for reflection between the sessions really does mean that teachers begin to develop a range of highly pertinent and effective coaching skills.

The day will include:-

  • Defining the principles of coaching in an education context and focusing on the power of coaching to deliver positive change
  • Learning a range of coaching skills including how to influence change, using powerful open questions and becoming an active listener
  • An opportunity for teachers, observers or managers to reflect on how their teaching impacts on learning using a range of coaching skills and attributes
  • An opportunity to use the research and some tools to review the importance of having a profound understanding of the relationship between curriculum design and innovative pedagogy for learning
  • An opportunity for self-reflection and the importance of understanding how setting clearly articulated goals can impact on individual, team and whole school improvement
  • Learning how to use a range of coaching tools and techniques to support teachers to take back their learning and cascade it to others
  • An opportunity between the sessions and after the course to practice coaching techniques and apply them in the context of a specific goal linked to professional learning and development
  • Next steps and how to ensure that the learning from the day is taken back, shared and cascaded to others

Who should attend?

Managers with responsibility for supporting the staff development of experienced and newly or recently qualified staff and those with responsibility for performance management and professional development. Aspiring managers, outstanding, good or improving teachers and those professionals who want to learn coaching techniques to support the development of their team. Sometimes teachers and their support teams come to the training together to take back their learning in order that they can collaborate more effectively in the pursuit of outstanding learning and teaching.

Take advantage of our second delegate rate if you want to send more than one delegate to the event.

We can also deliver this course in schools or colleges for groups of staff. Contact us to find out more.

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The Learning Cultures' coaching team

We have a team of highly qualified coaches with a background in education. Coaching is integral to how we plan and prepare for delivery of all our events. We work closely together to refine the programmes we deliver and constantly update them to reflect changes to the curriculum, assessment and the demands of the inspectorate. We believe that those who attend our training should have a good understanding of how the learning will be used back in school and what the individual is aiming to achieve in ensuring they are able to share and cascade to others and measure the impact on whole school, team or individual performance. You can find out more about the team by going to the about us page on our website.


First Delegate:

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£245 +VAT

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