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Enhancing the Role of the Middle Leader in a School or College - Using coaching to influence change and build outstanding teams

Enhancing the Role of the Middle Leader in a School or College - Using coaching to influence change and build outstanding teams

This event will run:- 

as morning sessions from 10.00 until 12.30 over two weeks

or as twilight sessions from 16.00 to 18.30 over two weeks

The intervening week can be used for reflection, collaboration and an opportunity to practice coaching skills with others and to focus on how coaching can impact on team cohesion.

Our online course for middle leaders focuses on how to use coaching skills to continue to manage teams and achieve the school or college vision through positive dialogue and highly motivational conversations. The role of the middle leader is even more critical as they continue to find ways to ensure that the staff they manage can achieve their goals and objectives, remain positive and deliver powerful learning to all of their pupils whether virtually or in person. This one day event which is delivered via ZOOM over two half days is a powerful starting point from which middle leaders can begin to develop a range of coaching skills that they can use with their teams to deepen their coaching skills and understand the power of coaching.

The Education Endowment Foundation endorse the opportunity for CPD to continue online especially where coaching is used, their recent Rapid Evidence Assessment of the efficacy of remote professional development concludes,

Remote coaching, mentoring and expert support can be effective alone or as part of broader professional development programmes (PD)

  • Coaching and mentoring can improve skills and knowledge of professionals when delivered remotely and may reduce feelings of isolation in professionals
  • Remote or blended coaching, mentoring and expert support can be used to complement broader remote or blended PD programmes
  • Collaboration between colleagues may also improve PD outcomes through enabling reflective practice and collective problem-solving

What will the day consist of:-

  • A focus on the role of the middle leader in ensuring that the vision and curriculum intent, rationale and ambition are translated into clearly defined goals and objectives that teams and individuals can deliver successfully
  • An opportunity to begin to develop a deeper understanding of the skills and attributes of a coach and how these can support the development of a range of highly effective leadership skills and attributes
  • Time to reflect on the differences between coaching and mentoring and how a deeper understanding of both can have a significant impact on the role of the line manager in the context of supporting others to change
  • A discussion and time to share thoughts on individual strengths that are synonymous with effective leadership and team building and how to acknowledge these as well as recognising gaps and how through positive collaboration and time for learning these can become strengths
  • Learning some coaching skills and techniques that are highly effective in the quest to manage change, look for continuous improvement and build collaborative and cohesive teams that work together to deliver the goals and objectives linked to the school's vision for success. We look at how these can be practised with colleagues over their virtual platforms
  • Planning time to look in detail at how a coaching approach will be beneficial in delivering a specific goal or managing change in a particular situation
  • Coaching practice using a coaching model that can be taken back into school to support further coaching opportunities linked to a planned programme of personal and professional development

Who should attend?

Middle leaders who are looking to build their leadership skills in order to take the next steps towards leadership. Heads of Department who would like to use the coaching skills to develop their line management skills to empower individuals within the department to develop or to manage change. Pastoral leaders who can also develop their skills in leading a team and begin to focus on a leadership role.This event will also be useful for those in the organisation who have responsibility for staff development and who would like to develop their own skills as coaches to take this model back into school. 

We can also deliver this course for groups of staff in schools or colleges. Contact us to find out more.



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