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Leading a Coaching a School or College - Creating a culture that delivers high quality learning and teaching

Leading a Coaching School or College - Creating a culture that delivers high quality learning and teaching

This event will run:- 

as morning sessions from 10.00 until 12.30 over two weeks

or as twilight sessions from 16.00 to 18.30 over two weeks

The intervening week can be used for reflection, collaboration and an opportunity to focus on how leaders can use coaching to manage change, foster innovation and empower others to find their own solutions.

This online version of our highly acclaimed course for leaders delivers the same level of high quality training that our offsite courses offer.

We know that It is the expertise within the leadership team that will have to support all staff to work in very different ways. We focus on the skills that will be invaluable in creating a culture where staff feel motivated, find opportunities to share and collaborate and can be innovate in their approach to challenging learners to work, achieve and progress during their time away from school or where they are in school without many of their peers.

The most impressive and successful way to ensure that all staff including middle and subject leaders, teachers and support staff can work cohesively at this time is through coaching.  Creating a coaching culture will have a significant impact now and on wider school improvement, staff morale and learning and achievement once normality returns.

The principles of coaching are useful in developing successful appraisal systems where teachers and their line managers work in synergy to ensure that goals and objectives are agreed, there is a culture where there is no such thing as failure and there is a clear focus on what is working well rather than what is going wrong. Many teachers may not be able to meet their objectives as a result of the current crisis and coaching can help to tease out where there have been successes and how individuals can build on those as part of their appraisal.

Where coaching is at the heart of a whole school or college CPD strategy individual teachers, managers and support staff have more opportunities to engage in professional dialogue, share their practice and learn from each other. Starting to learn how to coach during this time will be valuable as a springboard to managing all staff when schools reopen their doors to all learners.

The day will give senior leaders:-

  • An opportunity to focus on the proposed changes to how school leaders review their approach to determining 'the quality of education' and how developing a rationale and creating ambitious curriculum goals can be translated into effective strategies for professional development and performance management
  • Time to reflect on the vision for continuous improvement, including the pivotal role of middle and subject leaders who will be responsible for disseminating and delivering changes to how the curriculum is delivered to create high quality learning outcomes
  • A focus on the strategies that will support leaders to review current good practice, introduce new ideas and build a strong whole school consensus as to how coaching can be embedded as part of working together to ensure high quality learning is consistent across the whole school
  • A chance to learn some coaching skills including deep and rich questioning techniques, active listening skills and influencing skills that fundamentally mirror the qualities of dynamic leadership
  • A framework for planning a whole school or college programme that will help to define the vision, builds on what currently works well and sets out a clear stepped plan for implementation
  • A range of coaching models and strategies to take back to share and disseminate to others
  • An opportunity to use the learning from the day to share ideas in coaching triads and practice some coaching skills

There has never been a more urgent reason to develop a coaching culture than the situation school and college leaders find themselves in now. Have a look at our recent newspost that examines why coaching is such a powerful tool to use to support staff through this unprecedented crisis. CPD and coaching – how to lead the way in this time of crisis to creating the right blend of professional learning

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We can also deliver this course in schools or colleges for groups of staff. Contact us to find out more.


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