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Defining and Enhancing the Role of the Subject Leader - A virtual deep dive into how subject leaders empower excellence in curriculum design and delivery

This virtual course is broken down into five units. It is designed so that you have all the materials, resources and presentations to deliver at a time that suits your CPD timetable.

You can work through the units in one day with colleagues or alone or you can take each unit separately over time. You can dip into the wealth of materials, articles and recommended books, use the card activities to support discussion and decision making and complete some of the activities with the aid of questionnaires and proformas.

The role of the subject specialist is to ensure that the curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced.  It is their role to ensure that teachers within their team or phase understand the rationale and the vision for effective curriculum planning and delivery and can create a coherent and consistent offer that deepens knowledge and enhances skills over time. They need to focus on subject knowledge and the wider concepts that are subject specific or link across a range of other subject areas.

This course will give subject leaders, subject specialists and curriculum managers a range of coaching skills and techniques that will support them in ensuring that there is a powerful culture of sharing and cascading of good and outstanding practice across their teams. We focus on how to encourage opportunities for a professional dialogue where colleagues reflect on their subject knowledge, approaches to classroom pedagogy and the development of effective learning and meta-cognitive skills. The introduction of the new framework and the emphasis on curriculum as the driver for quality in education highlights the importance of the role of the subject leader.

Each unit has a wealth of learning opportunities which you dip into with colleagues or alone.

The sessions include:-

Session 1 A review of the role of the subject leader or Head of Department in defining curriculum content, managing teams who deliver the learning and assessing the quality of learning and achievement

Session 2 Focusing on how to manage change, develop effective subject and cross-curricular teams and how to influence individuals to embrace new ideas and content and build on what they do well

Session 3 We take an in-depth look at curriculum design and the role of the subject leader in empowering others to deliver it

Session 4 Defining the learning through the development of knowledge and the use of a range of skills to ensure learners can make connections within the subject and across the curriculum

Session 5 Planning a strategy that weaves skills and knowledge, sequences learning over time and ensure all pupils achieve their full potential and using a coaching model to share next steps

Testimonials for Enhancing the Role of the Subject Leader

There are many component parts  a subject leader must grapple with in ensuring that the curriculum that is planned is implemented well. Their job is to create a learning community where cross curricular concepts and generic learning skills build a platform where all learners make connections across all their learning, become unconsciously competent in their use of skills and know how to build their knowledge into positive responses that demonstrate their deeper understanding of the subject content and its connections to a wider strategy for learning.

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for subject leaders in both primary and secondary settings.  It will also be useful for those working in special education. The changes to the approach to curriculum planning and implementation are far reaching and much of the emphasis for change is seen as part of the role of the subject leader or specialist. This course will be of great value to teams from single subjects or those across faculties in developing an understanding of the issues that define high quality curriculum design and delivery. This course will also be suitable for CPD leaders and curriculum managers who have a wider remit across phases, key stages or departments and who would like to develop a programme that they use again and again within school.



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