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Lesson Observation - making lesson observation part of continual professional learning - A CPD Box Set

The Art of Positive Lesson Observation - making lesson observation part of continual professional learning

This ready to use course has five distinct sections. It is created to ensure materials, resources and presentations allow you to deliver training at a time that suits your CPD timetable

You can work through the units in one day with colleagues or alone or you can take each unit separately over time. You can dip into the wealth of materials, articles and recommended books, use the card activities to support discussion and decision making and complete some of the activities with the aid of questionnaires and proformas.

Lesson observations are an essential part of school life.  However, they are often seen as an imposition or something that is done to the observed. This course looks at how lesson observation can be a transformational process welcomed by all as part of professional development and learning.  Building trust and fostering confidence in the process of observing classroom performance and its impact on learning allows for both the observed and the observer to reflect on the positive outcomes and agree on improvement or change strategies that are an integral part of continuing professional development.

We focus on how using coaching techniques can have a significant impact on how the observer feeds back to the observed and how the observed accepts and uses that feedback as part of their own learning and continued growth. Learning how to coach and beginning to develop a coaching culture provides the vehicle for ensuring lesson observation is welcomed by all staff as a right that provides a wealth of opportunities for the sharing and cascading of good practice as well as providing the right vehicle for looking closely at how to make the necessary changes that will inspire high quality pedagogy and deep learning for both the teacher and the pupil.

Each unit has a wealth of learning opportunities which you dip into with colleagues or alone.

The units include:-

Session 1 Reflecting on the current value, purpose and impact of lesson observation in your organisation - reviewing what works well and what might change

Session 2 Lesson observation for professional learning - how can we change the emphasis from performance management to professional learning and development

Session 3 Focusing on pedagogy, classroom practice and learning outcomes - how can we make the most of lesson observation as a part of continuing professional development

Session 4 A deeper focus on highly effective feedback and how using coaching techniques will support positive change

Session 5 An opportunity to practice and review how coaching creates a shared understanding of the intrinsic value of lesson observation as part of developing a learning culture

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Make sure good and outstanding teaching is not your best kept secret.  Build an ethos that the observation of pedagogy and learning in the classroom is part of a wider quest for collective whole organisation continuous improvement. Have the evidence that the sharing and cascading of good practice as well as the opportunity to reflect on how to improve practice over time is an ambition shared by all.

Who will benefit from using the materials, presentations and resources?

Line managers, subject and faculty leaders and all those involved in the process of lesson observation that is either formal or informal. There are profound opportunities here for those involved in developing whole school CPD strategies to use the learning developed through this course to add in coaching as an integral part of the observation process and work towards creating a coaching culture that will ensure outstanding practice is shared and disseminated so that all teaching and support staff can learn and grow from the process. The content will also be very valuable for anyone involved in developing NQTs or RQTs.




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