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Promoting a Culture of Positive Mental Health and Ensuring the Well-being of all Staff in Schools

Promoting a Culture of Positive Mental Health and Ensuring the Well-being of all Staff in Schools

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It is essential that there is a clearly mapped out strategy that defines how the mental health and well-being of staff and pupils is protected and nurtured. There are key references in the latest OFSTED handbook and DfE statutory documentation that apply to this important area of staff nurture and management for schools and academies. Succeeding in creating a culture of positive well-being will have a sustainable impact on continuous school improvement.

This event brings together the steps that key personnel should take to ensure that mental health and well-being provision complies with these expectations and provides the very best possible environment for teaching and learning to take place. It will also highlight examples of exemplary practice from all phases, as well as offering advice and resources that can be used by frontline support staff in their well-being related roles. There will also be a workshop opportunity for delegates to carry out an audit of their own school or academy’s current position and to plan for any improvements needed before the implementation of the latest curriculum requirements in September 2020.

This online course which we will run over 2 half days will provide:-

  • A review of current DfE and Ofsted requirements for ensuring all staff have an entitlement to be supported in terms of well-being and work-load
  • A focus on how to deal with mental health during this time of isolation and loss of structure
  • An exploration of the resources available to support curriculum and nurture of staff across the organisation
  • Training materials to enable frontline staff in schools, colleges and academies to provide basic mental health and well-being pupil and staff support
  • An opportunity to use tools and techniques that will support strategic improvement in the provision of mental health and well-being to pupils and adults, including a RAG-rated audit and action plan
  • Time to reflect on what is currently working well, what could be improved and any appropriate innovations from the day

"Inspectors will focus on the extent to which leaders take into account the workload and well-being of their staff, while also developing and strengthening the quality of the workforce"

OFSTED Handbook for schools 2020

Who is this course for?

This course will be valuable for anyone who manages teams or individuals across all aspects of work within a school, academy or college. Looking after the health and well-being of staff can have long-lasting benefits for every individual within the organisation. It is essential that all those who have a responsibility for others in the workplace understanding how to mitigate some of the practices and paradigms that lead to huge pressures on time and other resources. 

The Trainer nigel bishop

In his role as a national trainer and consultant, former head teacher Nigel Bishop brings his wide experience of school-based learning and leadership to bear on a variety of current issues, notably the Pupil Premium and learning support, but also mental health and well-being. As a learning coach and counsellor in a Lincolnshire secondary school he relishes the opportunity to develop successful methods for helping students to deal with a wide range of emotions and issues. 

Nigel’s warmth and gentle humour combine with enthusiasm to revive those who learn with him, as well as equipping them to continue moving mountains. The content of the event will be highly beneficial to primary, secondary and special school leaders and managers who have responsibility for this important area of school life.



First Delegate:

£195 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£145 +VAT