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Maths in Context - Figuring out where numeracy equals learning across the curriculum

Maths in Context - Figuring out where numeracy equals learning across the curriculum

This short course is for secondary school teachers and those working in the post 16 sector.  The course explores the importance of numeracy in helping learners to access knowledge and deepen their understanding where number is integral to the learning in subjects other than Mathematics. We look at where Maths concepts are applied in context across a range of subjects and in the wider world. We look at how important it is that learners can make connections with their learning in Maths and the application of number especially in subjects such as Geography, Science and Design Technology. We also emphasise that there are elements of number learning in every subjects.

Being numerate is an essential skill for all and creating the right opportunities to provide learners with the skills to become unconsciously competent in their use of number will have long term benefits including higher grades at GCSE and A level, deeper understanding of key concepts and a readiness to see number as an essential element of learning everywhere. The evidence is overwhelming that where learners understand why they are learning the concepts in Mathematics and can translate this into truly contextualised learning they are more successful across all their learning.

This asynchronous course will include video presentations, proformas for discussion and planning, card templates for an activity that can be used with staff again and again, some research documents that can be downloaded for future reading for those who would like to learn more. We also provide the presentation slides with a voice over and transcript.

This nutshell course includes:

  • A focus on the components of numeracy that are an essential element in many subjects and contribute to learning in other subjects. We look at some of the concepts linked to the Mathematics curriculum and where these are implicit in other subjects and within the wider curriculum
  • Exploring how number and Maths skills can create opportunities for learners to demonstrate higher levels of response linked to taxonomies for assessment and how through positive and constructive use of numeracy learners can see how conceptual learning is applied in different contexts across a range of subjects
  • Introducing some tools to support further investigation and opportunities for individuals to cascade their practice within their team, department or in cross-curricular collaboration

Who is this nutshell course for?

Subject leaders can use this course for themselves and then share it with their teams to raise awareness of how important numeracy is as a distinct and integral part of some subjects and is to some extent there in all subjects and in wider extra-curricular activity. Individual teachers who may want to use this short course as part of their own continuing professional development. CPD leaders and managers who want to use the content as part of a planned CPD strategy.

A growing presence of online learning for Learning Cultures

This is part of a growing suite of nutshell courses we are planning. CPD is an essential part of school life and these webinars provide a flexible alternative to face-to-face training which can be difficult to timetable.  We are running a suite of live webinars as 2½ hour morning or twilight sessions where the trainer is live using an online platform.  These are proving very popular but for some the flexibility of these nutshells may be more accessible.


£95 +VAT