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Moving from Performance Management to Professional Development - Coaching towards outstanding futures

Moving from Performance Management to Professional Development - Coaching towards outstanding futures

This nutshell course focuses on how to ensure that high quality outcomes and outstanding learning and teaching are part of an intrinsic process of ongoing continuing professional learning. We look at the principles that underpin the development of a coaching approach to ensuring all staff understand that they have as much responsibility for their own professional learning as do their line manager or others with more senior responsibility.

We draw on the coaching skills that will provide for those involved in assessing performance with strategies that motivate individual teachers and others to take risks, find creative solutions and share their own strengths and good practice experiences with others. We look at some of the ways to ensure a collaborative approach emerges to lesson observation, appraisal and other meetings where progress, performance and practice are discussed.

This short course will give those who take part with some of the skills and tools to begin to learn the value of coaching as a powerful tool that moves the organisation away from a culture of performance management to a culture of professional development.

This short course is broken down into 3 sections, which can be delivered together or at intervals of time. All the resources, materials and presentations are available on our Moodle platform and will be there to use as many times as is needed.

This nutshell course includes:-

  • A focus on the difference between performance management and professional development and an exploration of some of the advantages of creating a more inclusive approach to measuring the quality of learning and teaching
  • A dive into the coaching skills that will give those who have a role in ensuring continuous improvement with the skills to motivate, inspire and influence others to change
  • An opportunity to practice coaching using a coaching model that provides a starting point for learning how to use the skills described in section 2

This asynchronous course will include video presentations, proformas for discussion and planning, card templates for an activity that can be used with staff again and again, some research documents that can be downloaded for future reading for those who would like to learn more. We also provide the presentation slides with a voice over and transcript.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a responsibility for harnessing talent, monitoring quality or leading a team. For all those with line management responsibility this short course will be invaluable in looking forward to determine how best to ensure that individuals can reflect on what they have achieved over the past few months and how they can build positivity into setting goals that will ensure successful futures for all.

A growing presence of online learning for Learning Cultures

This is part of a growing suite of nutshell courses we are planning. CPD is an essential part of school life and these webinars provide a flexible alternative to face-to-face training which can be difficult to timetable.  We are running a suite of live webinars as 2½ hour morning or twilight sessions where the trainer is live using an online platform.  These are proving very popular but for some the flexibility of these nutshells may be more accessible.


£95 +VAT