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Planning a learning curriculum that will translate between home schooling and the classroom - An in a nutshell course

Planning a learning curriculum that will translate between home schooling and the classroom

A blended approach to learning for many is a reality now and will continue for some time to come. Planning how to use the intended curriculum to support all learners whether they are working from home or are able to work with the teacher in the classroom is a challenge. OFSTED and other inspectorate bodies internationally are aware that some learning may be lost as a result of a prolonged absence from school for all learners wherever they are.  This one-hour nutshell looks at how to look positively at the learning that has taken place and that continues for learners who have to work from home.  We look at ways to create opportunities for learners to use the environment around them to continue to learn when away from school. We also identify some of the skills that learners must develop to support self-study and independent learning. We also look at some of the recommended approaches to blended learning where the teacher can plan a suite of learning that can be delivered in school or away from school and provide for the learner clear objectives for both.

The course content is as follows:-

  • A review of some of the strategies that can support learners to make the transition from home schooling to the classroom
  • Identifying some of the concepts linked to knowledge acquisition that learners can explore when there is little access to subject specific resources and materials
  • A look at some of the skills that will support learners to dovetail their learning between home and school
  • A focus on some of the recommended approaches for using blended learning where the teacher can build a strategy that ensures the intended curriculum is implemented successfully

The webinar will include video presentations, proformas for discussion and planning, card templates for an activity that can be used with staff again and again, some research documents that can be downloaded for future reading to inform change or strengthen the decision-making process and presentation slides with a voice over and transcript.

This is part of a growing suite of nutshell courses we are planning. CPD is an essential part of school life and these webinars provide a flexible alternative to face to face training which can be difficult to timetable.  We are running a suite of live webinars as 2½ hour morning or twilight sessions where the trainer is live using an online platform.  These are proving very popular but for some the flexibility of these nutshells may be more accessible.

Who is this nutshell course for?

All staff in a school will benefit from understanding how to look at positive learning that can come from a blended or online delivered curriculum.  More specifically, those with a learner facing role can gain a great deal from looking at some of the tips and ideas that this course will highlight.  The imperative is to ensure that all those who have to work in this blended way can create a culture that fosters deep learning and a desire to want to continue to progress and enjoy the opportunities that this approach can offer,


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This course is written and facilitated by Lee Taylor.  Lee has worked in senior school leadership as a Headteacher and as an executive for a Multi - Academy Trust. He has used his considerable knowledge of blended learning strategies to develop this short course which is receiving high praise from recipients who have already used his materials.

Much of Lee's doctoral research has looked at how young people use social and emotional settings to gain energy and inspiration to learn both the set curriculum and their self-directed curriculum. At this time of uncertainty in schools and colleges, and where learners may have to spend protracted time out of school, it has never been more important to capture the essence of what engages young minds in their own growth. This course helps participants to think outside the classroom box and to consider learning from multiple perspectives.  

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