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Coaching and learning - an exploration of some of the coaching skills that foster independent learning and problem solving - An in a nutshell course

Coaching and learning - an exploration of some of the coaching skills that foster independent learning and problem solving

Many of the leaders, managers and teachers that attend our coaching courses recognise very quickly that coaching should be a pedagogy that is used in the classroom to foster independent, active and participative learning for all learners in whichever phase. In this short one-hour course we provide a taster of the power of coaching to create opportunities for learners to solve their own problems, take risks with their learning and know themselves how they can improve and grow as learners. We look at some of the metacognitive skills that support a learner to access knowledge and feel confident to own their own learning and understand how they can deepen their learning as part of having a positive mindset. 

This nutshell course includes:-

  • Defining what we mean by coaching and some definitions to consider in realising how coaching can support learning in the classroom
  • An opportunity to focus on two of the most important coaching skills of listening and questioning that are equally important for both the learner and the teacher in the classroom
  • A look at some of the metacognitive skills that learners must have in order to access knowledge and deepen their learning and understanding
  • Sharing some strategies for how to create a coaching classroom where the learner takes ownership of their learning

The webinar will include video presentations, proformas for discussion and planning, card templates for an activity that can be used with staff again and again, some research documents that can be downloaded for future reading for those who would like to learn more about coaching and its power to affect change, influence behaviour and create positive outcomes for all those in education. We also provide the presentation slides with a voice over and transcript.

This is part of a growing suite of nutshell courses we are planning. CPD is an essential part of school life and these webinars provide a flexible alternative to face to face training which can be difficult to timetable.  We are running a suite of live webinars as 2½ hour morning or twilight sessions where the trainer is live using an online platform.  These are proving very popular but for some the flexibility of these nutshells may be more accessible.

Who is this nutshell course for?

This is for all teachers who want to add coaching to their pedagogical repertoire.  It is a wonderful starting point for providing all those who have a learner facing role to see the power of coaching as an aid to independent learning in the classroom.  This will also be useful for those who have a role observing teachers and working with them to look at how coaching can improve the learning process. his nutshell will also be useful for those who are responsible for CPD and who would like to use the content of the day to firstly learn themselves and then pass on their learning to others.



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Sandra Stansfield has designed and facilitated this short coaching course. Sandra is a passionate coach who uses her experience of working in several organisations to introduce coaching principles as part of professional development and learning.  She has a wealth of knowledge and a huge repertoire of resources and materials that she dips into to provide those who attend her training sessions with much to use as part of their learning following on from the training.

Coaching is at the heart of everything we do here at Learning Cultures. There has never been a more important time to learn how to be a successful coach.  Remember this,

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

Coaching principles create a learning culture that is at the heart of developing independent learning skills These skills are essential as we embrace the need to blend the learning between home and school and to ensure all pupils learn and thrive wherever they are learning.

Ask us about coaching INSET for all your staff. We can facilitate break out rooms, discussions and activities between participants who are in different places.