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Enhancing the role of the ECT mentor - Using coaching skills to foster high quality pedagogy and learning - An in a nutshell course

Enhancing the role of the ECT mentor - Using coaching skills to foster high quality pedagogy and learning

This short three section webinar is an ideal starting point for anyone who mentors newly qualified, recently qualified teachers or those returning to work after a long absence. We focus on the qualities of mentoring and how mentoring skills can be enhanced by learning how to coach so that the ECT can begin to work towards finding their own solution and learning the craft of pedagogy and teaching through risk taking, creativity and innovation.  Where ECT mentors can learn the skills of a coach they will have a repertoire to draw on that will create teachers who are confident and who will contribute to the long-term success for themselves, their teams and the whole school or college.

This nutshell course will include:-

  • An opportunity to explore how the role of the mentor is critical to the well-being and confidence of those who are just embarking on a career as a teacher
  • A focus on the difference between coaching and mentoring and how shifting from one to the other provides an opportunity for the ECT to gain in confidence and find their own way
  • An introduction to two of the skills a coach needs in order to support ECTs to reflect on their own practice, their strengths and areas for improvement
  • A look at the essence of effective and positive feedback techniques that provide the catalyst for self-reflection and a desire for continuous improvement

The webinar will include video presentations, proformas for discussion and planning, card templates for an activity that can be used with staff again and again, some research documents that can be downloaded for future reading to inform further learning and deeper understanding and presentation slides with a voice over and transcript.

This is part of a growing suite of nutshell courses we are planning. CPD is an essential part of school life and these webinars provide a flexible alternative to face to face training which can be difficult to timetable.  We are running a suite of live webinars as 2½ hour morning or twilight sessions where the trainer is live using an online platform.  These are proving very popular but for some the flexibility of these nutshells may be more accessible.

Who is this nutshell course for?

This one-hour nutshell will introduce all those with a responsibility for mentoring ECTs or those returning from a long absence. Learning about the difference between mentoring and coaching provides the mentor with a repertoire of effective strategies to support the new or recently qualified teacher to think for themselves, learn from their mistakes and understand the failure can be a part of the learning process. The mentor can learn how to be positive in their feedback and provide support that leads to confident and motivated teachers who will be an asset to their school or college.


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This course is designed and facilitated by Jayne North.  She works closely with schools across the North West to support the development of career teachers. Her coaching experience is wide and she has qualifications in coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. She is also an expert in the concepts that underpin Growth Mindset theory. This short course focuses on the difference between coaching and mentoring and how those who have a role in supporting the NQT can benefit from learning some coaching skills.

Coaching is by far the most important skill that all those involved in the teaching profession should develop to ensure that they are able to facilitate independent learning and provide all those who are learning the craft of teaching to be innovative, take risks and find their own solutions as they develop to become good and outstanding teachers. A quote from John Whitmore says it all,

“If I give you my advice and it fails, you will blame me. I have traded my advice for your responsibility and that is seldom a good deal”

Have a look at our suite of online coaching webinars that will complement this sip of coaching training and start your journey towards becoming a successful coach. Coaching is by far the most effective pedagogy you will ever use.