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Learning Cultures - Our Coaching Programmes for Schools and Colleges

Learning Cultures is one of the leading providers of coaching training for schools and colleges across the UK and internationally. We have developed a suite of training that will support transformational change to teaching and learning practice and create a learning platform that is built on the celebration and cascading of good practice and self-reflection.

Creating a coaching culture provides opportunities for all staff to contribute to meeting the vision for continuous improvement and ensures a positive framework exists to support leaders, managers, teachers and support staff share good and outstanding practice, create opportunities to foster powerful learning conversations and to want to continually grow and develop as professionals.

Scroll down or click on a heading below to have a look at our range of training events that will support learning and high quality continuing professional development for all staff across the school

Leading and Managing a Coaching School

coachingCreating and communicating the school vision, empowering others to deliver the vision and building a culture of excellence and achievement.

Leading a Coaching School - An inspiring opportunity to learn a range of coaching skills and reflect on how develop a coaching strategy tailor made for the culture of your organisation that will deliver outstanding results

Aspiring to Leadership - Coaching for middle managers that will focus on how to learn and use the skills and attributes of a coach that will support the development of a range of highly effective leadership skills and support middle leaders in their role within the school or college

Coaching for Appraisal, CPD and Performance Management - Coaching can have a significant impact on ensuring that performance management and appraisal create opportunities for all staff to grow and develop in their role and have the right resources and training to achieve their full potential

Coaching for Subject and Faculty Leaders - Where subject leaders develop a range of coaching skills they can empower others to be the best they can be, ensure consistency of content and delivery and allow for the sharing and cascading of good and outstanding practice across the faculty or department

Coaching for Pastoral and Year Heads - Coaching helps those with a pastoral role to manage pupils' behaviour, deal with difficult situations, build positive relationships and communicate effectively with parents and carers

The Art of Lesson Observation - Lesson observation is far more relevant when it is an integral part of the learning journey for all staff. Building a culture where coaching is used as part of the feedback process following lesson observation and is used as a tool for self-reflection and the sharing of good practice its efficacy is far more powerful

Developing and Nurturing Outstanding Teachers, NQTs, and Support Staff

Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning - One of our most popular training events that supports teachers develop a range of coaching skills to support them in gaining a deeper understanding of what outstanding teaching and learning and how to share and cascade good and best practice to others

Coaching the NQT - This event looks at the importance of understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring and how those that mentor NQTs can develop a range of coaching skills that will support them in learning highly effective feedback techniques, support higher levels of motivation and influence change

Coaching for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff - Those who work in a supporting capacity in the classroom are an invaluable resource and where they develop a range of coaching skills that they can use in their interaction with both the teachers and the pupils their contribution is even greater

Behaviour Management - Using coaching strategies to find solutions to behaviour management can have a profound effect on improving how some pupils react and behave and lead to more positive relationships and greater opportunities to identify where there are barriers to learning

Assessment, Teaching, Learning and Achievement

Formative Assessment in a Secondary School Context - Developing rich questioning, influencing and listening skills are all part of learning how to be a coach. They are also the skills needed to ensure highly effective feedback to pupils as an integral part of ongoing learning and feedback in the classroom. This event reviews the current changes to assessment after the removal of National Curriculum levels and focuses on the techniques and approaches that lead to higher levels of progression, motivation and achievement

The Language of Assessment at Key Stage 1 and 2 - Using coaching tools and techniques can have a significant impact on ensuring that there is a consistent and whole school approach to ensuring assessment is accurate and meaningful in all year groups and across the curriculum. We explore best practice and give those who attend an opportunity to develop a range of coaching skills that will help them develop positive assessment models and feedback strategies

Mind-set Matters Creating a culture that unlocks learning through the development of Growth Mindset techniques and focuses on how teachers can empower their pupils to believe that they can achieve more is proven to improve the outcomes for all pupils. Growth Mindset and coaching are closely aligned and putting into practice the theories that underpin both can have a significant impact on school improvement

Our events cost from £275.00 + VAT for one delegate and from £225.00 + VAT for a second or subsequent delegate. We provide all the resources and materials used on the day electronically following on from the training. All our training is designed to ensure that whoever attends can take their learning back to school so that others can benefit thus cascading the content and ensuring that there is a measurable impact on school, individual and team improvement.

INSET, Twilights and In-house Training Courses

We also offer any of the above events as a whole school INSET or we can tailor make a training programme that will fit into your own vision and strategy for school improvement, performance management or staff development.  

Click here to contact us and we can call you to discuss the best way forward in your quest to create a coaching culture in your school. Alternatively give us a call 01746 765076.