Our Twilight Series of Live Webinars – Coaching and Learning

August has been a revelation. So many teachers and leaders in education have taken advantage of our suite of coaching training webinars.  The quality of delivery, the in-depth content of the materials, presentations and resources are the same and the online approach seems to have made no difference at all to the learning and to the opportunities for those who have attended to take back that learning to their colleagues to share and cascade.

“I have loved everything about this course. It was informative, interactive and challenging all at the same time.”

We are adding a suite of twilight webinars to our growing repertoire of online learning courses. The first of these is an introduction to coaching. The content and the opportunities to learn how to use coaching will be hugely beneficial to all staff and will support the development of a culture of reflection, build resilience and allow for opportunities for professional learning conversations that foster positivity and innovation in a world turned upside down. We are continuing to discount the cost of our online courses to £195.00 + VAT a 30% reduction.

“Excellent day, I have so much to think about. Each of the two sessions has exceeded my expectations and given me the inspiration for the next stage on my school’s coaching journey

Coaching has the power to change practice and to define a culture where all staff are part of a collective desire for continuous improvement for, leaders, managers, teachers support staff and pupils.

Twilight training courses include:-

“I have loads to take back and use, how to set up coaching training for other staff, how to embed coaching in the school and learning how to be more reflective myself.”

We also have a suite of courses housed on a Moodle platform where schools can run their own INSET or training sessions. Everything is there, video presentations, resources, research, activities and other materials. There is even a multiple-choice quiz at the end to check your learning. These are currently discounted by 30% to £695.00 + VAT. Have a look out the titles here.

We will continue to offer the very successful online live webinar courses we have been running since the school closures in March.  These are scheduled for two half day sessions with one week apart from 10.00 until 12.30.  The week between the sessions has proved invaluable in providing time for reflection, the sharing of knowledge and consolidating the learning. You can see what is available here.

Our offsite offer is still available on our website but we have decided to postpone any training in hotels or other similar venues until next term.