Supporting you to design a high quality sequential and seamless curriculum

We know we are at the cutting edge of understanding curriculum design and delivery.  Our curriculum training is receiving such accolades because we have developed the course content, tools and resources we use over several years. They are linked to what we know are powerful and positive principles that deliver a continuum of learning allowing pupils to make connections, learn how to learn and deepen their understanding over time. We also know through in-depth sector led research how to inspire teachers to deliver innovative and dynamic content.

OFSTED prescribe in their new Handbook for School their requirements for a quality of education. The messages are, deliver seamless learning, build sequence to that learning and weave skills and knowledge in order to create breadth, depth and balance.  We have endorsed these messages over several years. We focus on how to make this happen, not just a review of what needs to happen.

There are several strands and messages that resonate strongly with the ethos and practice we sincerely believe delivers the most potent learning opportunities for all learners and educators whatever their starting point.

Save time by using some of our outstanding resources that we have developed to support schools to make changes where necessary but to also focus on what does work, what is positive and what is already making a difference. Yes, the curriculum is key, it is the product by which we educate, impart knowledge and develop skills for learning, life and the future. The accountability system has up to now created barriers to innovation, risk-taking and creativity for many leaders and managers. School leaders and their teams appear to have the green light to take the initiative and make changes so that they can ignite the passionate teachers, reignite their disillusioned teachers and create a culture that allows pupils to search for meaning and develop the skills that will allow them to think deeply, progress well and achieve their full potential.

We have a full suite of training linked to redefining the curriculum offer.

Empower senior and middle leaders to translate the vision into a coherent rationale for recognising what currently works well but also what needs to change to challenge and ensure breadth, depth and a continuum of learning.

Create subject leaders and experts that know how to lead their teams towards sequencing learning, building on prior learning and striving for the acquisition of knowledge and steady accomplishment of skills that develop the expert learner.

Craft a collaborative assessment policy that consistently delivers opportunities for professional conversations, motivational dialogue and the sharing of positive outcomes.

Focus on transition to make sure there is no break in the learning. Make each key stage count towards the next and be relentless in the pursuit of collaboration that shares pedagogy, learning outcomes and innovative approaches to curriculum planning.

Have a look at our suite of coaching coursesCoaching is by far the most successful CPD strategy a school can use. It is also a potent classroom pedagogy.  If the landscape is bewildering coaching can really help to change to focus and build new perspectives.

We continue to receive outstanding praise for the work we do, we pride ourselves in being without doubt the most experienced and the most well-researched training organisation for the teaching profession. Start your professional CPD journey with Learning Cultures.