Curriculum Coherence and Coaching Conversations

Creating a coherent and well sequenced curriculum requires a culture change. The imperative is for collaboration and opportunities for leaders, managers and teachers to share in a professional dialogue that defines the quality of curriculum design and how it is delivered.

Last week in my last news post I talked about the triangulation that OFSTED describe in their research into lesson observation and ‘book scrutiny’. The third element of this triangulation is creating opportunities for professional learning conversations with those who deliver the curriculum and those who are recipients of it.  Here at Learning Cultures we know that developing a coaching culture within a school will create the platform for highly effective partnerships to emerge that will translate intent, rationale and ambition into powerful pedagogy and learning.

A coaching dialogue is more than a conversation, more than a discussion. A coach develops the skills to ask questions that probe for deeper meaning to answers given. The first step in a coaching discourse is to establish the goal an individual has set and the parameters within which he or she needs to work in order to achieve that goal.  Where the coach has a profound understanding of the curriculum rationale and ambition for change, he or she can influence and challenge their coachee to determine how their goal or target will contribute to achieving the vision for curriculum design and implementation.

Coaching is about trust and where a coaching culture exists all staff know that they have a part to play in the school’s determination to be successful in their quest for high quality education outcomes. Staff in school know they can innovate, take risks and move out of their sphere of comfort without fear of judgement or reprisal. It is, undoubtedly, this approach that will foster a whole school model that will deliver a well-sequenced curriculum that builds on prior learning, fosters challenge and ensures a tapestry of knowledge and skills.

To complete the list we also have Coaching for Teaching Assistants, Coaching for Cover Supervisors and Coaching for Pastoral Leaders, Coaching in the Classroom and Coaching for SENDCOs or we can design a coaching programme exclusively for your school linked to our considerable curriculum and coaching expertise.