CPD is more important now than ever – never forget, your staff are your most valuable asset

Access to high quality, challenging and meaningful CPD is crucial in these unprecedented times. All staff in schools and colleges everywhere are working the hardest they have ever worked. There is an imperative to ensure that learning continues despite huge obstacles and changing protocols. Have a go at our online learning  self-assessment tool to highlight your successes and your priorities.

There is a wealth of research that defines the right ways to educate in a blended classroom or a totally online classroom. Finding the time to access the research and develop strategies that ensure learning continues and learners learn is not easy and that is where working with professionals like ourselves matters. We read the research and interpret the findings and turn them into practical training applications that lead to changes in practice that will deliver impact and ensure learning is not lost.  Read our 15 top tips

We know from the many accolades we have received over the past few months how helpful our online CPD has been for all those who have participated.  We make sure that the content is challenging, relevant and practical and that the resources we have designed will be used to ensure the training is cascaded to others.  The depth of our collective knowledge is unparalleled. The strength we draw from the experts we employ is clear to see from the high quality programmes that are making a difference to individuals, teams and for schools and colleges collectively. Go to the online training page of our website to see what we have to offer.

Each organisation is different and has different needs. We have therefore produced a range of CPD packages that are flexible and accessible. Follow the links below to find out more.  Your staff are your most valuable asset, make sure you show them how much you value them.