CPD in a Box – An on-line training and development opportunity to continue to learn during the Corona Virus crisis

Whether schools remain open or are closed there is always an imperative to ensure that teachers and learners can continue to learn and be challenged in preparation for the return to normality. If you wish to avoid travel and close contact or find yourself having to stay at home for a length of time, we are in the process of completing our ‘CPD in a Box’ range of on-line training courses that will be available in April.

These courses provide the same level of detail and content as those we run in hotels and conference centres or in schools. The box will contain access to an on-line Moodle platform and a host of materials including:-

  • video content where a trainer will be in the room with you
  • card activities to stimulate discussion and provide opportunities to plan and define strategy
  • down-loadable proforma planning sheets to promote goal setting and provide a structure to decisions to be made as a result of the training
  • access to a range of articles and research papers that back up the content of the training
  • a bibliography of further reading
  • a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each section to check knowledge and understanding

The first six of these detailed training programmes are:-

There is a lot more information on our website about these courses.  One box will cost £595.00 + VAT and can be used by any number of staff within the host school. Each course is broken down into five units. Each unit can be delivered over time or all five units will equate to a full day of training as if your staff member were to join us at one of our off-site venues or be a part of a training course we run in school during an INSET.

Give us a call on 01746 765076 or email us if you would like to discuss this in more detail.  Visit our website by going to the CPD in a Box page and start or continue your CPD journey with Learning Cultures.