CPD for the Curriculum Journey

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential ingredient in the quest for high quality learning and teaching of the National Curriculum.  The current imperative is on how the curriculum is planned and implemented in the quest for highly effective quality learning. There are several themes that have emerged over the last few months that require deep thought to create effective strategies that will ensure cohesion, consistency and positive outcomes across all learning. These are,

In order to weave together the elements outlined above schools need to craft a whole school CPD strategy that ensures all staff who have a hand in delivering curriculum outcomes can articulate the part they play in ensuring pupils deepen their learning over time.  Teachers must work together using structured planning time and professional dialogue. However, in order to use time effectively they also need to have the skills and knowledge to shape the pedagogy that will deliver what is defined in the vision or intent.

Our team at Learning Cultures have developed their expertise in this field over the past 20 years.  We know what works well and how to plan for outstanding and high-quality learning. Collectively, we have an enviable range of skills linked to curriculum design, pedagogy for learning, the weaving of skills through all subject specific content and how to ensure assessment is part of a cohesively planned curriculum.

Our suite of curriculum CPD courses have been carefully crafted to create the right balance for schools to shape a learning culture over time.  They can stand alone or be part of a planned programme of training for leaders, managers, teachers and support staff.

If you are the Headteacher or part of the senior leadership team and are planning the journey, shaping the vision and intent and defining the priorities you should attend one of our Re-defining series

If you are leading a subject or focusing on quality of learning within a faculty or department you need to attend our course looking at the importance of the subject expert. You also need to focus on the importance of weaving literacy and numeracy and the wider skills through all learning.

If you are involved in ensuring seamless transition from one key stage to the next and want to focus on how to ensure there is an emphasis on the academic as well as the pastoral that will provide evidence of seamless learning don’t miss out on one of our transition courses

Make sure, if you have responsibility for the assessment of learning, to join us at one of our assessment events. Assessment is key to the focus on curriculum implementation and how it impacts on learning. Consistent high-quality formative assessment will be an essential ingredient in the development of a cohesive and seamless curriculum. 

If your role is to measure the impact, or you have a part to play in determining how quality assurance delivers clearly defined outcomes join us at one of our courses that focus on how to assess for quality across all learning.

Remember all of these courses will have an element of coaching woven through.  Developing a successful and sustainable coaching culture is a guarantee of success.