CPD for a Virtual Future – Learning Cultures has built an online learning platform

The Learning Cultures training and coaching teams have their heads in a cloud of learning as we have now developed our first suite of online courses for leaders, managers, teachers and support staff. The first six of these are:-

Each course is broken down into five separate sections.  Each section has videos of the presenter talking and whiteboard animation videos that both do the work of a presenter in the room.  Alongside this there are opportunities for those involved in the learning experience to undertake activities and read research linked to the presentations and materials contained on a Moodle platform.

There is a powerpoint presentation that is sequential and provides a series of graphics and instructions for all of the videos and activities. The materials including card activities, proforma and other documents to read are included as part of the platform.  We have also put them on a USB stick included in a box of CPD that you will receive as part of your purchase.

At the end of each section all of the relevant materials are listed and linked.  There is also a multiple-choice quiz relevant to the learning in each section. We do urge you to complete this as it is there so that you can test your learning and it is also a bit of fun.

These courses mirror a full day of training that we would provide in a hotel or conference centre or as an INSET.  Therefore, the whole of one course could provide a full day of training for staff development.  Alternatively, the course can be delivered section by section over several weeks.  There is a wealth of materials, exercises and activities that will provide deep learning for all those involved in the training. There is also considerable research material and a bibliography of our highly recommended and most well-thumbed books.

We are also offering some online ZOOM sessions for individuals who need CPD and support now.  Have a look at our suite of courses on the website, we can tailor content to suit your needs. We can provide a personal training course for one or a team of several members of staff.  Each session of about two hours will cost £99.00 + VAT. We will provide the same outstanding quality training, handouts and references as we do when we deliver our offsite training.