Continuing Professional Development – How can it be sustained?

Learning Cultures are a world first in bringing a suite of unique training opportunities for the education profession using several online platforms that will support short course training, certification and whole school INSET. See the full range here. Our latest short course below looks at how to stimulate learning in the new blended classroom. We can run this as a whole school INSET or you can join us remotely for this 2 part course.

We are working with several schools to build their own bespoke  INSET days that are delivered remotely. We are working with multiple school trusts and alliances to develop training programmes for the coming year.  We also have a range of courses that individuals can dip into for face to face training and interaction or that schools can buy to deliver over time or for a full day for the whole school.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps schools and colleges maximise potential to ensure there are high levels of achievement for all.  The clue to success is in the first word, continuing. Learning Cultures are helping leaders to create a blue print for how to build a collaborative and cohesive strategy that is continuous and that leads to learning for leaders, managers, teachers and pupils.

Maximising performance through professional learning is essential as all those in education develop new approaches to teaching and to measuring learning both in the classroom and remotely.  Learning Cultures believe that coaching can help to capture the rich vein of experience that working in very different environments has provided us with.  Coaching helps individuals wherever they are to reflect on what has worked well and find mechanisms to share their good practice. Coaching also helps individuals to be precise about what else they need to focus on and learn about in order to capitalise on how this new way of working can bring opportunities to be interactive and collaborative.

The relationship between learner and teacher, leader and manager and pastoral or subject leader and teacher has changed and may continue to be altered as new ways of working remain an inevitability for some time to come.  The Learning Cultures’ suite of CPD is holistic and relevant and will provide the catalyst to manage change successfully. The remoteness we are all experiencing should not mean that we cannot capture the learning that has taken place and build new models of pedagogy, communication and the sharing and cascading of good practice.

We are working with the profession to ensure that the C in CPD transforms practice and stimulates learning. Have a look at our short courses here. Have a look at the courses now available on our Moodle platform. Talk to us about how we can plan your CPD blueprint for the future.