Why coaching is a pedagogy that delivers and cascades outstanding learning and teaching and is the most powerful catalyst for change.

Why coaching is a pedagogy that delivers and cascades outstanding learning and teaching and is the most powerful catalyst for change.

Learning Cultures are a leading provider of coaching training to the education profession.  We know through the successful interventions we have been a part of that coaching has the most significant impact on school improvement.  Where a coaching culture is an integral part of a strategy for continuing professional development (CPD) in an individual school or across a group of schools the opportunity to share and cascade the learning becomes an integral part of the process. Individual recipients of the training can disseminate and consolidate their deeper knowledge to others which strengthens their own learning and cascades it to a wider audience.  In this way the training is sustainable, cost effective and there is far more opportunity to measure impact and quantify how the learning is helping to meet the vision and goals of the individual school or those in a partnership, alliance or trust.

Coaching can help to offset the uncertainty that seems to have befallen the profession over the past few months. Although funding is often seen as one of the issues at the top of most people’s agenda, our observation is that it is the recruitment and retention of good quality teachers, managers and leaders that is the biggest obstacle to ensuring a school can continuously improve.  Where there is little in the funding pot this situation is exacerbated.

CPD is not an option. We are a profession and as such CPD is a right and is essential in ensuring we can continue to have the skills, attributes, knowledge and understanding to aspire to be or to continue to be outstanding.  Those involved in education need to be a part of the learning process, where they are continually learning themselves. If this is not the case they will become stale, disillusioned and demotivated at best or leave to pursue other avenues at worst.

Embracing the principles of coaching is the answer.  It is the only way to ensure that the small CPD budget can be used effectively.  Whether a school is working alone or as part of an alliance or partnership the leaders need to have solutions to some of the issues surrounding consistency, communication and collaboration.  Creating the right conditions for disseminating the school improvement plan so that every member of staff is able to say for themselves with clarity the part they play in moving the school towards successful outcomes requires a coaching approach.

Coaching allows for ownership of one’s own solutions. It is motivational and empowers even the most intransigent to see how they can contribute to a change agenda.  A coaching culture begins to allow individuals to focus on what they are good at, rather than what is not going well and creates a culture of positivity which is infectious and has an impact on everyone from the senior leadership team all the way to the pupils in the classroom.

Give me a call 01746 765076 or send me an email via this link or as in my signature below.  I have linked a copy of a planning tool we have recently used with a number of schools within a Multi-academy trust in the south of England.  This is one way, there are many others. Coaching is the beginning of a journey, once you start this approach is a passport to success.