Certification in Coaching – Cascading a culture of learning and collaboration

Developing a coaching culture is the most positive way to ensure the curriculum is the fulcrum for quality learning outcomes across the whole school or college.

Ask yourself:-

  • How is curriculum intent, rationale and ambition accurately translated into positive classroom practice?
  • How is learning sequenced over time and across phases, year groups and key stages?
  • What is in place to ensure all staff engage in professional learning conversations about their practice, curriculum content, concepts, and learning outcomes?
  • How is CPD planned to deepen knowledge and understanding linked to the vision and ambition for excellence and improvement?

The Learning Cultures’ coaching and curriculum teams have worked together to develop a Certificated Coaching Programme for schools and colleges to use to embed coaching successfully and sustainably over time. There is, within our schools and colleges a wealth of talent.  Current policy and good practice create an imperative to tap this by creating the right strategies that allow for collaboration and highly focused learning conversations that will provide the best solution to ensuring cohesive outcomes for pupils, teachers and their leaders and managers.

Coaching is the conduit that will provide the thread to linking subject specific and cross curricular learning. Coaching will help to create the dialogue that ensures skills and knowledge are woven through all learning. Coaching will ensure all staff embrace change, feel safe to innovate and can find their own solutions that deliver powerful learning outcomes.

A Journey in Coaching – Certificate in Coaching Competence provides a framework within which a school can begin to embed coaching.  We work over three terms with six members of staff (smaller or larger groups can be an option) who want to train as coaches and who will be the catalyst to begin the coaching journey for the whole organisation.  We provide all the materials, research documentation, three days training and on-going, on-line and telephone support.  We have opted for a certification rather than an accreditation route as this requires more on-the-job outcomes defined through evidence where the theory is applied in the context of educational learning. Read more by looking at the certification page on our website. Contact us here for more information.

We also have a range of coaching training courses for all staff including leaders, managers, teachers, support staff and those with a pastoral role.

We are continuing our highly acclaimed Redefining the Curriculum courses for both primary and secondary schools.  Have a look at our new course focusing on the role of the subject specialist.  Booking early is highly recommended.

Call us on 01746 765076 or Glynis directly on 07974 754241 if you would any more information.  You can also email Glynis at glynis@learningcultures.org. If curriculum cohesion is part of the question, coaching is without doubt the answer.