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A 'deep dive' into high quality curriculum delivery

analysis Our team of curriculum experts can support senior leaders, middle leaders and subject specialists to feel confident that all the relevant concepts that underpin high quality curriculum implementation are included and are consistently applied within subjects and across the curriculum.

Curriculum intent is an essential ingredient in the process of ensuring high quality learning across all subjects. Senior leaders need to work together to focus on the rationale they have for their choice of curriculum content and the decisions they are making as to the way the curriculum will be implemented. The learner needs to be at the heart of the process and all staff need to know and feel empowered to deliver the ambition and vision that is defined as part of the whole school plan for continuous improvement and learning.

Work with one of our team and have the opportunity to have a series of coaching conversations and meetings that will help to build a consensus, a clear sense of urgency and highly effective strategies that will empower all staff to want to be an integral part of consistent and cohesive curriculum implementation.

Deep dive questions

questioning OFSTED have designed a set of 'deep dive' questions that focus on the many facets of their new handbook for schools and colleges.  We have drawn together a whole set of these questions, taken from a wealth of research and the rigorous investigation we have undertaken into a range of sources and expert commentators. The questions are soul searching and pertinent to ensuring high quality education outcomes. We work with you to ensure that professional conversations lead to a consistent and collaborative approach to designing and delivering a deep and rich curriculum that ensures the weaving of skills and knowledge lead to positive outcomes for all learners whatever their starting points.

Contact us using our Contact us page to talk to us about a curriculum review and an opportunity to work with a coach to define what is currently working well, focus on priorities for change and create a strategy that leads to excellence within all subjects and across the curriculum.