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The Art of Positive Lesson Observation - How to use powerful feedback that nurtures reflection, learning and outstanding teaching

lesson observationIs outstanding teaching and learning your best kept secret?

  • How is feedback from lesson observation used to support on-going continuing professional development?
  • To what extent is high quality and outstanding lesson delivery disseminated and cascaded to other teachers?
  • When do teachers and managers share their understanding of pedagogy and what works well in the classroom?
  • How do teachers share their own experiences with their peers to learn from the successes or mistakes of others?
  • To what extent is lesson observation seen as a learning tool by both the teacher and their line manager?

This Learning Cultures training event looks closely at why lesson observation is an important aspect of CPD and how to ensure that the lessons learnt from observation are shared and cascaded. We support line managers to develop a range of coaching skills that will help them to develop feedback techniques that encourage the individual teacher to find their own solutions to the issues raised as part of an observation. We work with those involved in the observation process to reflect on the impact lesson observation has on individual performance, improvements in teaching and learning and progression for the learner. We provide opportunities for reflection where managers can consider how best to use observation as a tool for cascading good and outstanding practice to a wider forum and make it an integral part of a strategy for whole school improvement. Download a copy of our Top Tips for Lesson Observation by clicking on the title.

This event will include:-

  • A review of the purpose and value of lesson observation in relation to whole school, faculty, departmental or team improvement
  • Reflecting on current practice and how the observation of lessons is used as a positive part of a whole school CPD strategy
  • Learning how using coaching techniques can help to ensure that highly effective classroom practice is shared and cascaded in a positive way and supports those who are underperforming to have the confidence and motivation to try different techniques and approaches
  • An opportunity for those attending to develop a range of coaching skills to support highly effective feedback and to create a culture of nurture, self-reflection and positive change
  • A focus on how to take the learning back to school to ensure coaching skills will further develop effective feedback and the sharing and cascading of good and outstanding practice to ensure that lesson observation has a positive impact on school improvement

Who should attend?

Line managers, subject and faculty leaders and all those involved in the process of lesson observation that is either formal or informal. There are profound opportunities here for those involved in developing whole school CPD strategies to use the learning developed through this event to add in coaching as an integral part of the observation process and work towards creating a coaching culture that will ensure outstanding practice is shared and disseminated so that all teaching and support staff can learn and grow from the process.

The new OFSTED September 2015 Inspection Handbook

"Assessment is accurate and based on high quality observations. It includes all those involved in the child’s learning and development. Provision across all areas of learning is planned meticulously. It is based on rigorous and sharply focused assessments of children’s achievement so that every child undertakes highly challenging activities."

"Inspectors will use a considerable amount of first-hand evidence gained from observing pupils in lessons, talking to them about their work, scrutinising their work and assessing how well leaders are securing continual improvements in teaching".

ESTYN in Wales are also focused on the quality of lesson observation:

Inspectors should evaluate the impact of leaders in the way they manage the performance of staff in order to help staff to improve their practice. They should also judge whether leaders and managers address issues of under performance robustly and directly where necessary. Inspectors should judge whether performance management identifies individual and whole-school training and development needs clearly, and whether these are prioritised appropriately and addressed fully. ESTYN Guidance on Assessment

All our events are centrally located. Registration and refreshments are available from 9.30am for a 10.00am start, and we will finish around 3.30-4.00pm. We always provide lunch.


First Delegate:

£275 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price:

£225 +VAT

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