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Responding to Policy Change

Policy Update

  • Theresa May announces funding to support schools tackle mental health issues

  • Social integration. The MPs’ cross Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration released an interim report setting out six principles including clearer strategies, local action plans, better data and compulsory ESOL classes where necessary, as a basis for improving community cohesion

  • Digital naivety. The Children’s Commissioner published a new report highlighting the issue of more young children using the internet but without necessary safeguards and calling as a result for compulsory digital citizenship in schools, stronger data protection and a Children’s Digital Ombudsman

  • A recent report from OFSTED called 'Getting Ready for Work' looks at how 40 schools provide for Careers, IAG and Enterprise Education and how ultimately they prepare learners for life and work after the age of 16. We have produced a two page summary which outlines the main points and recommendations. Click here to read it or download it.

We have listed here some of the most recent reports that make important reading. The latest OFSTED annual report, highlights the 'comparably low status of teaching' and the chronic issues linked to recruitment and retention of staff.

The recently published report on the number of 'coasting schools' suggests that there are a significant number of schools where the results for pupils do not improve over time.

The latest PISA results suggest the profession has a lot to do to ensure we can truly say we are world class players in the global education family.

An important innovation for all our consideration in the new year is the brand new Chartered College of Teaching which will start to take members from January 2017.

Membership is voluntary and gives those working in education the opportunity to join an organisation that has the same professional standing as other membership organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Accountants, Surveyors or Physicians.

The new year brings opportunities for the profession to drive its own agenda for change and work together towards a vision where all learners achieve their full potential.

We love being a part of this agenda for change. We took a long break over Christmas and New year and are now back in our brand new offices to also carve new and innovative learning platforms for educators.