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training educatorsWellbeing and resilience are at the heart of all of us feeling positive about what we do on a daily basis and what it is we want to achieve with our lives. School should be a safe and exciting place where challenge and purpose fill our days whether we are a recipient of the learning or a facilitator of that learning.

We need to build a school culture that creates independent, happy learners who embrace challenge, see effort as their passport to ultimate success and understand how mistakes can lead to learning. Elaine Williams and Jayne North are passionate writers and trainers in this field.

Managing the Pupil Premium has been written and is delivered by Nigel Bishop and Bill Hoten: experts in ensuring the right evidence is available and that the Pupil Premium fund is being used to diminish difference in learning and achievement.

To ensure successful accountability, sustainability and a world class education profession, our consultants, Lynn Aitchinson and Geralyn Wilson are experts in succession planning to ensure that high quality leadership exists within our profession. the recently published report on the number of 'coasting schools' that exist across the country.

For those schools who fall into that category there is an imperative to reflect on the reasons for this and empower those with responsibility for learning and progression to find solutions as to how to create the right learning platform for higher levels of achievement.

We have a small team of curriculum experts who are also currently school governors or have been in the recent past. Jenny Berge, Jenny Hunt and Dawn Hanafin work closely with policy makers and the research community to bring schools and other educational organisations a powerful training experience for all new or experienced Governors.