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A coaching model that encourage teachers to reflect on their practice

The Reflective Cycle Gibbs (1988)

  • Identify
    An example, incident, situation or experience that you would like to explore further in relation to your work other area of your life that impacts on how well you perform
  • Explore feelings
    Think about your feelings at the time and since
  • Describe
    Examine the key facts, issues and events at the time of the incident or example you have identified and articulate your thoughts
  • Analyse
    Consider the impact of the situation on your own practice and on others around you, what assumptions have you made about the impact of the example you describe
  • Evaluate
    What you have gained from the experience? What was good and less good about the outcomes? How relevant and useful is the knowledge you have gained as a result of the experience?
  • Learn
    What have you learnt? How could you have done it differently? If you found yourself in the same situation what would you do differently?