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educators coachingCoaching can significantly improve performance, build reflective and proactive teams and be the catalyst for effective change and renewal.

Coaching is about being positive, asking deep and rich questions that will not evoke a yes or no answer, but require the coachee to seek an answer or a solution to their own problem or issue and be drawn skilfully towards being empowered to move out of their paradigm or comfort zone.

It is also about active listening, allowing one to see behind the responses one hears or being able to interpret the body language and non-verbal signals that are louder than what is said, all help us to understand more and help us to persuade and manipulate others to change.

Join us at our fourth annual coaching conference – The Art of Coaching to find out about deep learning, focused understanding and inner motivation. Coaching is finally colliding with policy and there has never been a better time to make the decision to develop a coaching strategy as part of recruiting, training and developing staff from the senior leadership team to support staff and everywhere in between. Our experts in facilitating reflection and empowering individuals and teams to lead change are Executive Coaches Sandra Stansfield, Rebecca Morley, Bev Morris and Julian Brunt.

Coaching is about allowing individuals to solve their own problems, find solutions and build on their strengths and successes. Delivering a pastoral system in a school requires a range of skills that will nurture learners and allow them to grow and progress well throughout their school life. Where those involved in the pastoral process develop the skills and attributes of a coach they are far more likely to be able to support the smooth transition from key stage to key stage, provide support for learners within a year group who are not progressing as they should or understand how certain behaviours arise and can be dealt with.

Developing a range of coaching skills will help the pastoral team when they interact with parents and carers. A coaching solution can be applied to Pastoral care, Safeguarding and Behaviour Management. Our expert consultant in school leadership Tim Jordan is the Learning Cultures Lead in this area.